BakBone Eliminates Backup Windows with NetVault: FASTRecover

NetVault: FASTRecover provides disk-based, real-time data protection for Microsoft Windows environments, including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file servers.

June 3, 2009

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SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BakBone Software, a leading provider of Universal Data Management solutions, today announced the elimination of backup windows with the availability of its NetVault: FASTRecover solutions. These provide disk-based, real-time data protection capabilities for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file servers, while giving users the power of extremely fast recovery to any point in time.

Also available soon as an optional pre-configured appliance, NetVault: FASTRecover provides simplified plug-and-play deployment that reduces the level of expertise required for installation and administration. Customers can recover protected data to an alternate physical server or virtual machine in as fast as 30 seconds. NetVault: FASTRecover enables this enterprise-class functionality at compelling price points unseen in the market before.

"BakBone's NetVault: FASTRecover ensures that we meet our SLAs by recovering Exchange and SQL Server data within 30 seconds after any storage failure," said Derek Kruger, IT supervisor, City of Safford. "We use BakBone to protect our files, e-mail and SQL applications and data, and since our deployment, we've been able to recover from any failure in seconds, saving days of IT time and costs. This product has paid for itself several times over since its installation."

Key product highlights for NetVault: FASTRecover include

* Elimination of Backup WindowsNetVault: FASTRecover provides disk-based, real-time data protection for Exchange, SQL Server and Windows File Servers. By eliminating these backup windows, down time associated with application and network performance is no longer a concern.

* Extremely Fast Data Recovery

NetVault: FASTRecover's Virtual On-Demand RecoveryTM technology makes critical applications and their associated data available for use in as little as 30 seconds. Recovered data is completely useable by the application on first recovery, eliminating wasted time and multiple recovery attempts.

* Simple Plug-and-Play Deployment

NetVault: FASTRecover provides flexible deployment options; it is available as a software-only solution that integrates with existing systems and storage or as a pre-configured appliance that includes hardware, software and storage. NetVault: FASTRecover's plug-and-play options reduce the level of expertise required during initial deployment and ongoing administration. There is an appliance for all sizes of organizations: small, medium or large enterprises.* Minimizes Costs by Integrating with Your Existing Backup Environment

Offsite backups are an important part of any data protection strategy for business-critical applications and environments. NetVault: FASTRecover works with most popular backup technologies on the market, including BakBone's NetVault: Backup, to ensure that recovered data stored in NetVault: FASTRecover's Online Storage is protected and stored offsite.

"BakBone offers exceptionally fast recovery with equal amounts of simplicity and versatility," said Arun Taneja, founder and consulting analyst, Taneja Group. "BakBone is solving SME challenges with a level of innovation that we have not seen in many other products."

"NetVault: FASTRecover solves a major pain point within most backup environments by providing a cost-effective solution that eliminates backup windows and is easy to deploy," said Jeff Drescher, vice president of Marketing, BakBone. "As a data protection vendor, it is unacceptable for us to expect customers to have to 'deal with' their backups running over allocated windows and potentially losing data. NetVault: FASTRecover not only eliminates backup windows, it significantly minimizes application downtime and data loss by bringing a new level of data protection capabilities to all levels of users."

NetVault: FASTRecover offers WorkGroup, DataCenter and Enterprise editions to meet a range of environments from mid-level SMBs to enterprise markets starting as low as $2,995.About BakBone Software

BakBone Software is the leader in Universal Data Management. This provides a data-centric approach to integrating data protection, centralizing policy management and managing organizations' messaging infrastructure to optimize performance, increase data availability and improve corporate compliance. Learn more about BakBone's Universal Data Management vision at or email [email protected].

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