Avnet Technology Solutions Introduces IT Storage Optimization Practice

Avnet StoragePath Combines Business-Driving Assessment Services with Market Enablement Resources to Help Solutions Providers Deliver Comprehensive Solutions That Address Customers' Business Challenges

May 13, 2009

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TEMPE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--To enable solutions providers to capitalize on the growing demand for storage solutions, Avnet Technology Solutions, the solutions distribution leader and an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), today launched a practice focused on IT storage optimization -- StoragePath???. StoragePath helps Avnet's U.S. and Canadian solutions providers deliver strategic solutions, including hardware, software and services, to assist their customers in improving utilization of storage resources, reducing costs, supporting business continuity/disaster recovery imperatives and addressing regulatory issues. Initially, StoragePath will focus on storage infrastructure design and management, storage utilization, data loss protection and recovery, and application optimization.

"Avnet StoragePath delivers results and accelerates the success of our partners around this business-critical technology," said Kim Hofmann, director, storage solutions practice, Avnet Technology Solutions, Americas. "Regardless of a solutions provider's experience, Avnet StoragePath provides them with training, tools and resources to develop comprehensive storage solutions that address the rapidly evolving business needs of their customers. Also, participating partners can take advantage of storage assessment services to make certain proposed solutions directly address customers' business challenges and have a measurable return."

The storage market, including hardware, software and services, reached $75 billion in 20081 and a cumulative four-year CAGR for these three areas would be 3.2 percent2. Compliance and digital content growth continue to fuel the demand for storage solutions. In response to increasingly stringent federal guidelines and regulations regarding data retention, companies developed compliance strategies to properly save and retrieve documents, files and correspondence. At the same time, the volume of digital content has grown, prompting a drive toward handling this data differently by considering its use, production, access and delivery.

Leveraging Avnet's SolutionsPath??? methodology, the StoragePath practice is designed to help solutions providers build and expand their storage market expertise. The practice provides a unique portfolio of services and training programs, along with access to experts and technology from industry-leading suppliers. It features StoragePath University, which provides partners with real-world knowledge of the storage industry and the opportunity to develop critical technology and sales skills. Additionally, solutions providers can leverage five key storage assessment services available through Avnet OneTech??? Services to drive business, augment existing staff and deliver complete solutions. These services include:

* Hierarchical Management: provides critical information about a customer's environment from a storage infrastructure management perspective and can be used to develop a hierarchical management strategy that will classify data, data management policies, and archival and retention policies. * Performance Optimization: analyzes storage performance statistics, which enable solutions providers to recommend architecture improvements based on industry best practices and discovered deficiencies. * Impact Analysis: allows solutions providers to create comprehensive evaluations that analyze their customers' current operational storage environment and organizational practices and to deliver prioritized action plans for improving data storage efficiency and capacity optimization. * Business Impact Analysis: supplies vital information needed to develop a solid business case for investing IT resources in the areas of data loss protection/recovery and application optimization. * Disaster Recovery Plan Preparation: enables solutions providers to deliver comprehensive disaster recovery plans that document the implementation tasks needed to react to a threat or event swiftly and efficiently."Since 2003, Systems Alliance has been building a growing infrastructure practice with significant emphasis on data management and optimization of server/storage architectures," said Ric Hughes, president and CEO, Systems Alliance. "Avnet's investment in resources like training, assessment and implementation services supports this activity, helping us address the latest storage-related challenges and earn the trust of our clients. By participating in Avnet StoragePath, our team is positioned for accelerated growth in the ever-changing storage solutions market."

StoragePath joins other successful Avnet SolutionsPath practices, including HealthPath???, GovPath???, VirtualPath??? and SecurePath???. To learn more about StoragePath, visit http://www.ats.avnet.com/storagepath.

About Avnet Technology Solutions

Avnet Technology Solutions is an operating group of Phoenix-based Avnet, Inc. As a global technology sales and marketing organization, Avnet Technology Solutions has sales divisions focused on specific customer segments and a select line card strategy enabling an exceptional level of attention to the needs of its customers and suppliers. For fiscal year 2008, the group served customers in more than 30 countries and generated US $7.6 billion in annual revenue. The group's Web site is www.ats.avnet.com.

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