Attenex Links E-Discovey to Symantec

Attenex previewed a connector tool that integrates Attenex Patterns E-Discovery with Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator

July 10, 2007

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SEATTLE -- Attenex Corp., a leading e-discovery software provider, today previewed a new connector tool that will integrate the Attenex Patterns® E-Discovery Software with the Symantec Enterprise Vault™ Discovery Accelerator, helping to bridge the gap between IT and legal responsibilities for e-discovery. The new tool, Attenex Patterns Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator, will streamline customers’ e-discovery process, reducing cost and risk, and providing a way to standardize e-discovery procedures for litigation, regulatory requests and investigations.

The Attenex Patterns Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator has three key features to help both IT and legal departments during e-discovery. First, the tool will directly transfer sensitive corporate data from the Enterprise Vault archive to the Attenex Patterns application, eliminating the need for IT departments to manually upload large amounts of data to process for legal review. Second, markings made to documents in Attenex Patterns during legal review, such as ‘privileged’ or ‘responsive’ will be saved to the Symantec Discovery Accelerator database so that the document status is kept up-to-date and available for future matters. Finally, the Attenex Patterns Connector will enable corporate legal teams to maintain a complete chain of custody for their sensitive data, from records management all the way through to production.

“E-discovery is a complex process with many steps and many stakeholders, and corporations are eager for proven solutions that can help simplify and reduce the cost and risk of this process,” said Steve Wampler, group product manager for Attenex. “Symantec and Attenex have each developed proven applications for IT and legal departments, respectively, and the new tool will connect the best of both worlds so that corporations can develop repeatable and defensible processes for e-discovery.”

An increased demand for electronic information by regulatory agencies and developments such as the recently amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) have motivated corporations to take more direct control of the discovery process — including identifying, collecting, processing, analyzing and producing the necessary electronically stored information (ESI) — during litigation, investigations and regulatory compliance. Because of this, a growing part of the job for IT departments is to quickly identify and collect data from repositories so that legal teams and service providers can process and analyze the data and determine legal strategy. While the processes are different, IT and legal departments both are challenged with working under very tight deadlines and with massive amounts of corporate data.

“IT and legal departments face enormous challenges during the electronic discovery process, including locating and reviewing relevant information,” said Brian Babineau, senior analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Doing so often requires utilizing multiple technology solutions, and that introduces another issue - chain of custody. This new product from Attenex can help organizations focus on finding the right electronic evidence while mitigating the time spent documenting and defending chain-of-custody procedures.”Attenex Corp.

Symantec Corp.

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