Atrato Unveils Tiered Storage

Atrato introduces tiered storage architecture with new levels of performance density and scale

April 13, 2009

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- Atrato, Inc. (, a leading provider of high-volume on-demand storage for the digital media, entertainment, Web 2.0 and high performance computing (HPC), today announced that its Velocity1000 (V1000) product line now features integrated solid state disk (SSD) technology to help customers optimize Tier 0 storage for high access content. The Atrato V1000 extends the companys flagship product line with a multi-tiered architecture that is powered by next-generation Atrato Virtualization Software (AVS) (see “Atrato Leads Way to Adaptive Data Centers” announcement, also out today). The solution combines high density, scalable hard disk drives (HDD) with solid state disk (SSD) technology to deliver extreme levels of Tier 1 and Tier 0 storage. Atrato’s intelligent, autonomic system combines impressive capacity and performance density across multiple tiers with the industry’s lowest operational cost.

Advances in computing and data storage technologies have helped to meet the growing needs for storage growth and performance. Yet they add another layer of cost and complexity to the data center. The Atrato V1000 takes full advantage of high performance technologies. It helps organizations to access data more quickly to make more intelligent decisions, and deploy and support applications that rely on fast access to large data and rich media files.

For each full rack of storage, the V1000 tiered architecture offers exceptional performance and storage capacity per rack unit when compared to competitive solutions. Featuring the first large scale Tier 0 layer, the V1000 overcomes size and scaling limitations of current cache-based systems. In addition, Atrato’s patented SAID (Self-maintaining Array of Identical Disks) provides a robust storage backend for Tier 1 and archiving.

The V1000 is qualified with multiple vendors’ SSDs and is available in a variety of configurations. The system supports up to eight SSDs within the controller, or up to 1.2TB of data. It also supports off the shelf JBOF (Just a Bunch of Flash) for additional performance and capacity. The JBOF systems house 10 SSDs and are SAN scalable to 1.6TB per 1U expansion unit. The V1000 supports Single Level Cell (SLC) and Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND flash or a combination of the two to optimize companies’ particular application needs.

“Atrato V1000 optimizes performance and availability with the ability to scale to terabytes of Tier 0 storage and petabytes of Tier 1,” said Steve Visconti, president and CEO of Atrato. “With our tiered architecture, organizations no longer need to rely on over-provisioning, short-stroking or expensive RAM-cache. We help customers keep costs low while maintaining the highest levels of performance for their users.”Atrato Inc.

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