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Asigra protects critical financial data for accounting consultancy, Frank Hirth; hSo:Vault deploys Asigra Remote Online Solution to manage sensitive data

February 21, 2007

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TORONTO -- AsigraT, the technology leader in agentlessbackup and recovery software for service providers targeting the growingmanaged storage services market, today announced that Frank Hirth, theinternational tax and accounting specialist, is using Asigra Televaultingonline remote backup software. Delivered by hSo, a managed IT solutionsprovider, through its hSo:VAULT solution, Frank Hirth is using hSo:VAULT toback up email and critical data generated from 13 servers and 110 desktops.

Frank Hirth is an accounting consultant based in London specializing in taxcompliance for individuals and organizations, with a large core U.S. clientbase, generating sensitive financial data that needs to be securely storedand easily retrieved. The organization previously used tape-based backup,which was cumbersome, time consuming and unreliable. Due to the nature ofits critical data, Frank Hirth wanted a backup and recovery system thatcould be relied upon. The company initially changed to the hSo:VAULT becauseof its agentless online backup and recovery offering in order to backup itscritical client data. Frank Hirth then extended the service to includebackup of its highly sensitive UK and USA tax return data because of thestrong level of security provided by Asigra Televaulting.

Asigra Televaulting encrypts data in-flight and at-rest with up to 256 AESbit protection, allowing the secure movement of data to a centralizedoff-site location, as well as utilizing advanced authentication andnotification functionality that prevents un-authorized access to all backedup data.

Mike Jackson, IT manager at Frank Hirth, said, "The ability to protect ourinternal and client data is of the utmost importance for us, as weconsistently handle very sensitive financial data. Once we evaluatedAsigra's strong encryption and data protection, we knew that the hSo:VAULTservice would ensure our data is secure at all times, as well as restorableat all times. The ability to stream data across the internet is far moreefficient for us given our breadth of international clients. The addedbenefit of the reliability of the hSo service and the Asigra software, hasmade our entire backup and recovery procedure more effective and far easierto manage than tape."

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