Arkeia Announces New Generation of Backup Appliances With Integrated Disk, Tape and Backup Software

Four New Models Lower the Cost and Complexity of Enterprise Backup

June 24, 2009

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SAN DIEGO, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Arkeia Software, a worldwide provider of backup and disaster recovery products, today announced a new generation of fully integrated backup appliances. Four new Arkeia Physical Appliances deliver increased disk capacities, expanded interface support, improved internal tape options, and fully integrated and optimized Arkeia Network Backup v8 software. The new line of table-top and rack-mounted appliances drives down the cost and complexity of deploying backup server infrastructure.

"Arkeia Physical Appliances remove the complexity of purchasing, configuring and managing a backup server, a tape drive and all of the related management software," said Jeff Woods, IT Director at Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living, an appliance customer since 2007. "These next-generation appliances mean we can protect even more data, more easily, and use the best combination of disk and tape to meet our backup, recovery, and budgetary objectives."

  New Appliance Capabilities include:

Increased disk capacities across the new line so organizations can fully leverage the benefits of disk to achieve fast backups and restores. The four models come with internal disk capacities thatrange from 1TB to 10TB usable with RAID-1 or RAID-5. Additional external storage interfaces to connect appliances to a LAN (1Gbps), and to connect external storage devices directly or via a SAN.  Tape device and tape library direct interfaces now include eSATA, Fibre Channel, SAS, and SCSI.

Internal Quantum LTO-3 or Quantum DAT 72 tape drives for organizations that want a complete disk-to-tape backup system.  Included is Arkeia's Disk-to-disk-to-tape management software to seamlessly integrate backup-to-disk and archive-to-tape.Newly released Version 8 of Arkeia Network Backup, optimized for the Arkeia Appliance.  Software agents protect over 150 platforms, including virtually all Linux and Windows platforms, as well as AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Irix, Macintosh, Netware, and Solaris.  Bundled features include both web and command-line user interfaces, backup scheduling, reporting, and disk-to-disk-to-tape management.  Options include LAN/WAN backup replication, backup encryption, and centralized management of multiple appliances.
  Arkeia Physical Appliance Strategy

Physical appliances reduce complexity and drive down the costs of deploying software. Appliances permit organizations to avoid the high cost of custom integration, and have one true support vendor, and only one support contract. Also, appliances minimize the ongoing costs of management and software updates.

"Arkeia Appliances are engineered around Arkeia's flagship network backup software, the award-winning Arkeia Network Backup," explains Bill Evans, CEO of Arkeia Software. "Our backup appliances are the only ones delivered by a backup software company. Our engineers tuned the integration of hardware and software to make the backup solution easy to deploy, painless to manage, and highly reliable. The current Arkeia generation is the result of more than ten (10) years of software development and three (3) years of hardware refinement."

Arkeia hardware is enterprise class, providing flash-based firmware, enterprise-class disk drives, and top-quality chassis and power supplies. Three appliance models have field-expandable disk capacity and all RAID-1 disk storage pairs hard drives from two different manufacturers. First-tier technical support is available from Arkeia to ensure that our customers are successful and their data is protected."Four New Arkeia Physical Appliances: Models 110, 210, 310, and 510

  • Arkeia Physical Appliance 110: designed for small businesses or remote branches of large organizations (ROBO) with little or no local system administration support, less than 1TB of data, and stringent budget constraints. This small, quiet, and affordable solution comes with 1TB usable disk configured in RAID-1 for optimal protection. Internal tape storage options include DAT 72, or LTO-3. External storage connectivity includes eSATA or optional SCSI. The Model 110 bundles agent licenses to allow the backup of 13 mixed OS machines with the ability to add more licenses on a client machine basis.

  • Arkeia Physical Appliance 210: designed for mid-sized organizations that have more data, and prefer a rack-mountable unit. RAID-1 capacity starts at 1TB and is field-upgradeable to 2TB or 3TB. An internal LTO-3 tape drive is available. All models offer LAN and SCSI connectivity and bundle 25 client licenses.

  • Arkeia Physical Appliance 310: designed for mid-sized organizations that have still more data, or fast growing volumes of data. RAID-5 capacity starts at 3TB and is license-upgradeable to 5TB. An internal LTO-3 tape drive is available. These models offer LAN, SCSI, and SAS connectivity and bundle 40 client licenses.

  • Arkeia Physical Appliance 510: designed for large organizations that have more data, and prefer a rack-mountable unit. RAID-5 capacity starts at 5TB and is field-upgradeable to 10TB. All models offer LAN, SCSI, SAS, and Fibre Channel connectivity and bundle 65 client licenses. The 510 models also include dual hot-swappable redundant power supplies.

Availability and Pricing

The next generation Arkeia Physical Appliance Series 110, 210, 310 and 510 will be available on July 1, 2009. Pricing begins at $3,500. For more information visit:
About Arkeia Software
Arkeia Software delivers proven solutions for data backup and disaster recovery. The award-winning Arkeia Network Backup Suite is designed for both mid-sized organizations and multi-site enterprises, and safeguards more than 100,000 networks for 7,000 customers in 70 countries. Arkeia software products protect data on over 150 platforms, including virtually all Linux and Windows platforms, as well as AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Irix, Macintosh, Netware, and Solaris. Arkeia Backup Servers are deployed in three modes: as software applications, hardware appliances, or virtual appliances. Complementary suite software includes file agents, application agents, database agents, virtual machine agents, disaster recovery agents, backup replication servers, and central management servers. Arkeia shipped the industry's first network backup solution for Linux in 1999 and is headquartered in San Diego, California. 

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