6 Methods To Cut Data Storage Costs

If your enterprise is struggling with spiraling storage, simply buying more capacity isn't the answer. Listen to your data and follow these guidelines.

Lazarus Vekiarides

July 20, 2015

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Enterprise storage is a headache. It's not like the mild pain that might form behind your eyes after spending a day in the sun; it's a migraine that builds slowly enough for you to ignore until it threatens to disrupt your daily life. And once the headache fades, it's usually likely to return. If you've ever felt like you're stuck on a commodity storage treadmill, replacing your infrastructure every few years without addressing the root of your problem, you're not alone.

To combat storage headaches, most major IT vendors prescribe adding more flash to your data center, extolling the virtues of the platform's speed and recent price drops. However, if you're planning to scale your business, these storage issues remain so deeply rooted that they often can't be solved by popping an Advil or investing in a new platform. Instead, you need to listen to your data as it cycles through hot, warm, and cold, and manage it accordingly throughout its lifecycle.

Keep reading to discover six ways to get better control of your storage and keep costs contained.

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