5 Things Storage Vendors Won't Tell You

No doubt you are spending big bucks on enterprise storage, and the vendors want to keep it that way.

Boyan Ivanov

February 11, 2016

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Storage is currently the most expensive and most complex piece of the data center, and an integral part of any cloud service -- be it public, private or hybrid. Unfortunately, IT customers usually do not have enough information when buying storage solutions and are often deceived by sales tactics and marketing propaganda. Terms like "software-defined storage," "storage virtualization," "server SAN" and many others claim to be the cure for any storage problem.

This article is intended for business and IT leaders of any company who are involved in the process of buying data storage solutions. It gives practical advice on what to look for and what caveats to avoid.

We'll also explain in simple terms some of the jargon and practices in the storage industry, in an attempt to demystify magic marketing statements and help the buyer to make a wise and educated choice.

What are the 5 major things storage vendors are not telling you when you're shopping for storage solutions? Find out in the next few slides.

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Boyan Ivanov

CEO & Co-Founder, StorPool

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