29West Supports Voltaire InfiniBand

Combined solution brings high performance, low latency messaging to financial markets

September 17, 2007

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NEW YORK -- 29West, Inc., pioneers in low-latency messaging technology, and Voltaire Ltd. (NASDAQ: VOLT), a leader in grid backbone solutions, today announced support for 29West's Messaging API's on Voltaire's InfiniBand solutions, providing system architects with the high performance of Voltaire's InfiniBand-based switches and software and 29West's low-latency messaging technology. The combined solution delivers significantly higher performance and lower latency to market data and other financial services messaging applications than solutions using Gigabit Ethernet.

"We are very pleased to be working with Voltaire and to be able to offer Voltaire's financial services customers a substantially higher performance messaging choice as part of this industry leading solution. As latency and stability under load become more and more critical, we are seeing continued growth in the market for our Latency Busters Messaging (LBM) and Ultra MessagingT for the Enterprise (UME) products. The trend is toward higher performance data delivery and that trend is forcing many firms to reconsider how they distribute and share data. This pressure towards low latency and high performance plays well for us, given our performance advantages over the other commercial messaging products available today,"said Mark Mahowald, president and founder of 29West.

29West's LBM is a fast, efficient, lightweight messaging system targeted specifically at low-latency, high-speed streaming messaging applications.UME is a low-latency, high-speed persistent messaging solution with delivery confirmation that is designed for larger firms that need a new messaging model to replace legacy messaging solutions enterprise-wide.

InfiniBand is an industry-standard interconnect architecture that delivers I/O fabric performance demanded by data centers, high-performance computing and embedded environments. Offering high bandwidth of 10 - 60 Gbps, RDMA-based messaging and low latency, InfiniBand is a technology for addressing market data infrastructure challenges. Voltaire and 29West's Messaging provide financial trading operations with a software solution that enables the integrated use of the many advantages InfiniBand offers across their market data infrastructure, including significantly lower application-to-application latency than that provided by other existing architectures. The solution also leverages Voltaire's software libraries for application acceleration and multi-service switches with integrated InfiniBand, GbE and FC ports, which can offload external network traffic to improve the efficiency of the overall solution.

"High-performance messaging is becoming increasingly important to Voltaire's financial services customer base," said Amir Prescher, vice president of business development, Voltaire. "We look forward to working with 29West to use our InfiniBand-based solutions to bring significantly higher performance, lower latency messaging solutions to market."Voltaire Inc.

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