10 Things Only Networking Pros Will Understand

Words like ping have a meaning all their own in networking.

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Every profession has its jargon: terms and abbreviations that are meaningless to those outside the industry. Doctors say "stat" to direct staff in an urgent situation, chefs practice mise en place, and filmmakers end shootings with a "that's a wrap."

Networking, of course, is no exception when it comes to insider knowledge. In fact, it probably has more of its own unique language than most professions. If there was a competition in lingo, networking would have a good chance of taking top honors.

So with that, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of those words and terms that are the common lexicon for networking pros. As those in the industry know, words like ping and classless have a meaning all their own when it comes to networking. There are so many that this collection is a mere sample.

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