Sandvine Debuts Security Platform For Broadband Service Providers

Security suite is designed to protect against and minimize the effects of worms, spam, and denial of service attacks.

May 17, 2005

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Sandvine Inc. has announced a comprehensive security platform for broadband service providers designed to protect against and minimize the effects of worms, spam, and denial of service (DoS) attacks. According to Sandvine, worm attacks alone cost North American service providers more than $245 million last year.

Consisting of the PTS 8210 policy traffic switch, Attack Traffic Mitigation software and the company's Security Operations Services, Sandvine's Network Integrity Suite delivers a responsive, multi-layered defense against malicious, network-borne code. The PTS 8210 delivers cost-effective real-time monitoring and identification of network traffic in real-time, while Security Operations Services provides continuous analysis of network threats, allowing the Attack Traffic Mitigation software to determine the nature of the attacks and identify specific remedies as they happen.

The multi-faceted suite filters DoS attacks while permitting legitimate traffic through to the network, and blocks malicious requests to mail servers to prevent domain name server (DNS) attacks. It provides what Sandvine calls a "network-based approach" to blocking and eliminating worms throughout their development cycle. The company's Security Operations Service then provides ongoing analysis to maintain network defenses and operation levels.

According to Tom Donnelly, Sandvine's co-founder and vice president, marketing and sales, it all adds up to a much more thorough network defense than traditional security. "Network integrity is a much broader concept than simply improving on intrusion detection or basic security capabilities," he said in a statement. "It's about adding new network intelligence that allows you to defend against malicious traffic and protect the overall Quality Of Experience (QoE) for your customers, by prioritizing and optimizing performance on the broadband applications they use every day."

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