Crossbeam And Sourcefire Deliver Industry-Leading Network IPS Performance At 40 Gbps Throughput

Third-party tests validate high performance of Crossbeam-Sourcefire solution even when under heavy attack and when combined with a firewall to provide multi-application security

September 15, 2009

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BOXBOROUGH, Mass., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Crossbeam Systems, Inc. today announced the results of a performance evaluation of the Sourcefire 3D Sensor software running on its flagship X-Series Next Generation Security Platform. The tests, conducted by independent network testing lab Miercom, found that the combined Crossbeam-Sourcefire solution delivers industry-leading throughput levels of up to 40 Gbps of UDP throughput with no traffic loss and while supporting full inspection capabilities.

Sourcefire 3D Sensor software offers the industry's first adaptive IPS, providing a powerful combination of vulnerability and anomaly-based inspection methods to analyze network traffic and prevent critical threats from affecting customer networks. Crossbeam's X-Series virtualizes the Sourcefire 3D Sensor software onto a single, chassis-based platform that operates as a separate security architecture. This enables customers to consolidate their entire security infrastructure within the X-Series platform and virtualize multiple best-of-breed security applications, without compromising performance.

"Miercom has demonstrated that Sourcefire 3D technology virtualized on the X-Series meets the most stringent performance, reliability and availability requirements," said Tom Ashoff, senior vice president of Engineering and Customer Support at Sourcefire. "For customers that want to take advantage of the Crossbeam-Sourcefire combination, Miercom tests prove that best-in-class IPS protection can be achieved while maintaining throughput levels that far out-perform the industry average."

Check Point's Security Gateway R70 was also tested on the X-Series in conjunction with Sourcefire. The multi-application solution continued to deliver solid throughput values of 23 Gbps of fully inspected UDP traffic. The tests confirmed that the Crossbeam X-Series Next Generation Security Platform can deliver the performance and full functionality of an integrated, next-generation firewall solution -- allowing Crossbeam customers to consolidate security appliances into a single chassis without sacrificing throughput performance.

"Based on our thorough assessment, the Sourcefire 3D Sensor software running on Crossbeam's X-Series is an extremely high-performance security solution," said Rob Smithers, CEO at Miercom. "The X-Series continued to perform at superior levels when Check Point's firewall was added to the mix, providing customers with multi-application, best-of-breed security that is easy to deploy and demonstrates linear scalability, very high performance and reliability."

Crossbeam customers can deploy a single application of Sourcefire 3D Sensor software or choose to consolidate multiple best-of-breed security applications onto the X-Series platform. The Miercom test results show that no matter what they choose to deploy on the X-Series, high performance, scalability and reliability -- the three pillars of a sound security architecture -- will not be compromised.  The key findings from Miercom include:

Sourcefire 3D Sensor software running on a fully populated Crossbeam X80 Next Generation Security Platform provides up to 40 Gbps of fully inspected throughput with no packet loss.
Under high-attack traffic conditions, the Crossbeam-Sourcefire solution experiences minimal impact on throughput performance.
The Crossbeam-Sourcefire solution supports true, single-chassis high availability with no single point of failure.
Integrating the Sourcefire 3D Sensor Software with Check Point Security Gateway R70 on a single Crossbeam X-Series provides 23 Gbps of fully inspected UDP traffic throughput.

"Miercom's test results validate what we continue to see in real-world deployments, that the X-Series is built to optimize delivery of any combination of best-of-breed security solution the customer chooses," said Jim Freeze, chief marketing officer at Crossbeam Systems. "This is the value the X-Series consistently delivers and we will continue to work with leading partners like Sourcefire to offer marketing-leading security solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding customer environments."

All tests were conducted on Crossbeam's X80 platform and used the latest, fourth-generation network processing blades (NPM 8650) and application processing blades (APM 8650). Software running on the X80 included the Sourcefire 3D Sensor v4.8.2 and Check Point Security Gateway R70 and Crossbeam XOS 8.5.
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Miercom is a privately held network testing lab, specializing in networking and communications-related product testing and analysis. Its highly-skilled engineers, many with over 21 years of experience in the networking industry, have developed methodologies for testing products as diverse as IP-PBXs, UTM, UC, SAN switches, SIP phones, IPS and IDS systems. Founded in 1988, Miercom has pioneered the comparative assessment of networking hardware and software. The results of its VoIP, VPN testing and other technology research articles continue to appear in many industry journals. For more information, please visit
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