Should You Migrate Your DevOps Architecture to the Cloud?

Evolving DevOps practices will require a new level of agility and speed to deployment. Advancements in the cloud sector have organizations wondering how the two can work together.

Bill Kleyman

November 30, 2018

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This is the question I’m helping numerous customers answer right now. Development operations and the creation of a continuous development cycle are somewhat of a new concept. Ever since development leaders saw that working with broken release cycles, coding practices, and heterogenous tools actually slowed the entire process down, we’ve seen massive movement around today’s modern DevOps culture.

Before we go on, I need to touch on the concept of legacy. At a high level, this is any process or operation that requires quite a bit of manual intervention and a lot of complex reactive support. This can be code, business or IT processes, and even IT infrastructure. Gartner recently pointed out that legacy infrastructure and operations practices are not sufficient to meet the demands of the digital business.

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As we evolve into a data-driven society, digital transformation will require agility and velocity that outstrip classical architectures and practices.

This absolutely applies to DevOps and the creation of new, innovative services. If you get the chance, take a look my DevOps 101 article, as it covers the core elements of adopting continuous innovation through DevOps. It’s that continuous part that sometimes throws people off. As I just mentioned, working with evolving DevOps practices will absolutely require a new level of agility and speed to deployment. This will require organizations to leverage technologies that can bring that level of agility to their organization. Remember, DevOps isn’t just a part of your technology, scope. It’s also an engine that directly impacts your ability to compete in the market and impact your entire organization.

So, why not leverage platforms and tools that not only save you money but improve your go-to-market capabilities?

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