Overcoming Cybersecurity Overwhelm: How to Take Charge of Limitless Cloud Data

Cloud data security must become a top priority for organizations to protect the integrity of their businesses. Here are some thoughts on how to do that.

Overcoming Cybersecurity Overwhelm: How to Take Charge of Limitless Cloud Data
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Managing digital risk in the cloud is more critical than ever before. Exponential cloud data growth triggered by digital transformation has created a larger threat landscape for security analysts to navigate. This is a challenge that is set to rise as threat actors continue to compromise an organization's most sensitive data.

 According to Statista, the global cost of cybercrime is expected to surge in the next five years, rising from $8.44 trillion in 2022 to $23.84 trillion by 2027. There is increasing pressure for security teams to keep data safe, but with limited resources, there is simply not enough time to stay on top of every potential threat.

In an era where organizations have more endpoints and attack surfaces to defend, they must ensure their security solutions keep pace whilst balancing resource restraints at the same time. Analysts need an easy-to-deploy solution to reduce the burden of managing threats. They need a scalable cloud-native platform.

The Rising Tide of Digital Cloud Data

Modern security teams are being stretched to the limit. More organizations are embracing the digital age and taking their operations to the cloud. It is currently estimated that a massive 1.145 trillion MB of data is created per day. The scale of this growth opens up new opportunities but also introduces more risk.

Analysts are expected to juggle staying on top of threats with increasing amounts of digital data and the widening cybersecurity skills gap. Without the right solutions in place, overwhelmed security teams face burnout.

Employee burnout in cybersecurity can be catastrophic for many reasons. It causes analysts to overlook essential details, a lack of motivation, and higher resignation rates. Cloud data security must become a top priority for organizations to protect the integrity of their businesses. Elevating efficiency through a cloud-native SaaS platform is vital to overcome the cybersecurity overwhelm.

Elevating SOC Efficiency

Deploying a cloud-native security platform enables overwhelmed security teams to gain control of their security outcomes by reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency, and eliminating gaps in visibility into their environments. Cloud-native security platforms serve as an automated way for security teams and even novice security analysts to close those gaps in visibility.

With a cloud-native platform at their fingertips, security teams are empowered to:

Uncovered Threats Faster. Cloud-native platforms that deliver an intuitive experience by automatically providing analytics into cybersecurity threats enable security teams to reduce noise and quickly secure their environment. Analysts can aggregate observations across hosts, users, and networks that will intelligently combine observations into related clusters based on common metadata. Instead of the time-consuming task of investigating potentially related items, they can automatically see and easily investigate related pieces of activity in one simple workflow.

Focus on the Work That Matters. The cloud-based nature enables security teams to manage resources more efficiently so they can focus on threat hunting as opposed to working on maintaining and updating the system. In relation to storage/retention, cloud-based systems are managed by the platform provider, which takes a weight off of security teams' shoulders. Providers will also deliver continued support and updates to stay on top of new risks.

Execute Seamlessly. With limited resources available, analysts need every tool in their arsenal to help secure their environment. A cloud-native platform that provides out-of-the-box threat detections makes it easy for analysts to automate the detection of threats.

Security analytics, including those mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, give security teams the ability to create custom threat detections through an easy-to-navigate interface and the capability to easily investigate log observations. All combined, these provide powerful security analytics that make defending against threats easier.

Filter Out the Noise. It can be difficult to search, investigate, and fully understand the meaning behind overwhelming amounts of log data. Analysts need guided and instinctual workflows to make tasks simpler to accomplish. Easy search capabilities across the platform and continuous monitoring from widgets into dashboards enhance visibility into investigations.

Taking Control of Cloud Data with the Cloud

The next step in advanced cybersecurity protection is through a modern cloud-native platform that makes it easier for analysts to stay ahead of mounting threats. In an ever-growing threat landscape, it pays to be prepared rather than dealing with larger problems down the line.

Investments now into these platforms are a sure-fire way to protect yourself in the coming years. The huge benefits of cloud-based security platforms mean that analysts can focus on the real threats that require a more personal touch.

Andrew Hollister is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at LogRhythm.

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Andrew Hollister, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), LogRhythm

Andrew Hollister is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at LogRhythm. He has over 25 years of experience in software, infrastructure, and security roles in both the private and public sectors. He joined the LogRhythm team in 2012 with a keen interest in using machine-based analytics to solve cyber security problems. He maintains a close interest in this area, contributing content, expertise, and vision to the ongoing development of the company’s roadmap and platform offerings. Andrew has extensive experience in the field, leading professional services, and customer care, as well as sales engineering.

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