Interop ITX 2018: Meet the Infrastructure Experts

Here are some of the top-notch experts who will talk about networking, containers, cloud, open source, and more in Las Vegas.

Marcia Savage

March 12, 2018

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Working in IT means always adjusting to change and keeping an eye on emerging trends. For those in infrastructure, the pressure to keep up is intense as companies rapidly shed legacy systems in favor of cloud, automation, and software-defined technologies.

At Interop ITX April 30-May 4 in Las Vegas, you can hear and learn from experts who are on top of the trends and technologies reshaping IT infrastructure. The conference features some of the best and brightest minds in the industry who are leaders in their fields, including networking, data centers, and cloud infrastructure. These experienced and innovative IT practitioners and researchers will speak on topics such as network automation, containers, and hybrid cloud. They'll provide both strategic and practical advice to help you stay current and your businesses to thrive.

This year's roster of infrastructure experts includes veritable rock stars in the industry: networking luminary Radia Perlman, who developed technology that is fundamental to huge networks like the internet, and Martin Casado, a general partner at VC firm Andreessen Horowitz who is renowned for pioneering software-defined networking.

The high-caliber lineup also includes Peyton Maynard-Koran, a tech leader who is spearheading an effort to transform enterprise networking and empower network engineers, and Leslie Daigle, who has held leadership positions at the Internet Engineering Task Force and the Internet Society. You can also expect to see the ever-popular Mike Pennacchi, a veteran Interop speaker and troubleshooting expert, as well as rising stars such as Courtney Christensen, a software developer and team lead for Linden Lab.

Interop ITX is the only independent IT conference, so you can expect these experts to provide objective insight into critical technologies and issues impacting IT infrastructure.

Guiding the infrastructure track at Interop ITX as Track Chair is Keith Townsend, a highly regarded consultant and strategist who provides keen perspective on the trends most important to infrastructure pros as companies pursue their digital initiatives.

On the following pages, check out some of the infrastructure experts you can catch at the conference this spring. Check out the Interop ITX schedule to see the full roster of top experts scheduled to speak at the conference, which has six other tracks: cloud, data and analytics, DevOps, government, leadership and professional development, and security.

Get live advice on networking, storage, and data center technologies to build the foundation to support software-driven IT and the cloud. Attend the Infrastructure Track at Interop ITX, April 30-May 4, 2018. Register now!


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