Iceweb Launches Cloud Storage Appliances

Iplicity CSA architecture simplifies deployment cloud storage networks

September 16, 2009

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 DULLES, Va. - (PR NEWSWIRE) - September 16, 2009 - IceWEB, Inc. (OTCBB:IWEB),, today announced that the Company has launched the Iplicity Cloud Storage Appliance (CSA) product line.  The Iplicity CSA products can be deployed either as SAN or NAS devices which deliver high performance scalable capabilities that for the first time are easily, rapidly, and securely deployed in a centrally managed Private Storage Cloud or in a Hybrid Public/Private Cloud configuration. 

Gary Dunham, Sr. VP. Of Product Development & Engineering for IceWEB described the offering, "Iplicity Cloud Storage Appliance is the first commercially available Cloud Storage device geared toward allowing its users, businesses of any size, to simply attach a pre-configured appliance to their network and immediately begin serving vast amounts of file and data storage space to local, remote, internet or VPN connected users and applications.  This appliance allows corporations to gain all of the benefits of Cloud Storage - positioning content closer to the originators, users and applications, control of replication and backup throughout the enterprise, centralized management of geographically dispersed data and much more - without assuming the risks of putting priceless company data in the hands of third party providers.  Iplicity CSA customers can also opt to make their content and storage resources available not only to their own users but also to authenticated partners via the internet - while still maintaining private back-links to the corporate IT infrastructure thus ensuring both data security and consistent quality of service."

Iplicity CSA greatly reduces the complexity of use by implementing a straight forward management Graphical User Interface from which network support staff can easily and fully manage the global storage appliance solution with a great deal of granularity.  Once difficult tasks such as growing volumes, dragging and dropping space wherever needed (thin provisioning), reconfiguring network connectivity, creating multiple automatic replications of useable data at diverse locations, can all be performed live without impacting overall systems availability. 

Iplicity CSA provides unified storage allowing both applications and users to be granted access to their data by the widest range of protocols available (CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC, AOE, WEBDAV and RSYNC), affording organizations ultimate flexibility and range in how the data is accessed.   The appliances also offer advanced data protection and replication capabilities which allow organizations to drive content to different locations for different uses as dictated by their own unique needs.

Deployment is quick and easy.  From un-boxing to live deployment, the pre-configured Cloud Storage Appliances can be configured on the client network, and rendered ready to begin serving data in less than 20 minutes.   Management and monitoring of the appliances is also quite intuitive with easy to understand Dashboard interfaces displaying CPU Utilization, Network I/O and Disk I/O, and the capability to 'drill down' as deeply as necessary.  Fully automated reporting and 'email-home' capabilities will alert network staff to any pending, system self healed, or pending issues."The 19-inch rack mountable Iplicity Cloud Storage Appliances are available immediately in three pre-configured models:  The CSA-2000, a base level appliance with 8TB of storage and the Iplicity Management Software, the CSA-4000 with 16TB expandable to 192TB, and the CSA-8000 with 24TB expandable to 192TB.   Both the CSA-4000 and CSA-8000 are also available in an optional Active/Active High Availability configuration. To download the CSA Brochure:  Iplicity CSA Data Sheet
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