i365, A Seagate Company, Launches EVault Offsite Replication Storage Service For Cloud-Based Protection

Unique Service Provides EVault Software Customers Flexibility to Create Hybrid Onsite/Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions That Fit Their Needs

October 9, 2009

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Santa Clara, CA, October 7, 2009 - i365, Inc., A Seagate Company (NASDAQ: STX), today announced the EVault Offsite Replication Service, a cloud storage service for mid-size businesses looking for a better way to protect their data from a site outage without the hassle and expense of building an offsite data center. EVault Offsite Replication Service provides an opportunity for customers to quickly and easily maintain a mirrored copy of their onsite backup data to the i365 Cloud, which is comprised of a network of Tier III and IV SAS 70 Type II certified data centers with state of the art data protection infrastructure. Customers benefit from this hybrid solution as it gives them quick recovery of their data in the event of a site disaster, where the local backup copy could be lost, without the expense of maintaining their own offsite data center. i365's EVault Offsite Replication Service is available November 1st.

Leveraging the company's secure infrastructure and expertise in delivering cloud-based backup and recovery services since 1997, the EVault Offsite Replication Service is available either as a cloud extension of the customer's own internal infrastructure, allowing them to manage their remote vault within the i365 Cloud, or as a managed service, which includes a team of i365 experts to manage their onsite and offsite vaults for them. Since it's the same EVault technology both at the customer's site as in the i365 Cloud, customers can use the same trusted technology to protect their data, and begin replicating to the i365 Cloud in only three quick and easy steps; install EVault agents and Plug-Ins on each system they wish to protect, work with the i365 team to do a fast initial setup, and then replicate the vault to the i365 Cloud.

This new service also makes it easier for EVault Software customers to utilize other services offered within the i365 Cloud, such as a remote warm site for their mission critical servers using i365's EVault Remote Disaster Recovery Service. EVault Remote Disaster Recovery is a hosted service that helps quickly recover critical applications after a disaster, while also allowing businesses to remotely access these systems in a secure virtual environment. It includes state of the art technology and a team of experts that prepare and guide businesses through the entire recovery process. i365 maintains virtual servers in the same top tier facilities that houses their mirrored vault, delivering quick access to the systems required to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently after a disaster. By combining i365's new EVault Offsite Replication Service with EVault Remote Disaster Recovery, customers benefit from a single, integrated solution for offsite storage replication and disaster recovery.

"For more than 12 years, our SaaS customers have been entrusting us and our i365 Cloud to protect their critical data. Now our EVault Software customers can also leverage our Cloud as a natural extension to their on-premise solutions and an additional layer of offsite protection," said Terry Cunningham, SVP and GM of i365.  "We believe mid-sized businesses want the simplicity and efficiency of working within one integrated solution, and EVault gives them the ability to extend their data protection into the cloud using the same software they already know and trust, while giving them the flexibility to custom-create the backup and recovery system best for them, whether it be on premise, off premise, or a combination of the two."EVault Offsite Replication Service benefits include:

Optimized Over-the-Wire Performance - Customers searching for a cloud storage service must be mindful of its bandwidth use and their storage footprint within the cloud.  The EVault Offsite Replication Service capitalizes on EVault Software's inherent efficiency.  Starting at the source, EVault Software employs a number of techniques to help ensure the customer's backups are efficient, including client-side quick file scanning, delta processing, and compression.  The backup data is further deduplicated at the onsite vault.  This ensures that only the smallest amount of backup data is replicated to the i365 Cloud. The customer can use EVault Offsite Replication Service without disrupting network traffic or affecting business operations.

World-Class Cloud Infrastructure -The i365 Cloud consists of a network of data centers, each maintaining high availability and full redundancy.  All i365 data centers are SAS 70 Type II certified and are either Tier III or Tier IV according to standards set by the Uptime Institute.

Enterprise-Class Service - i365 provides 24/7 support for critical issues and has a team of experts that will work with the customer to develop a strategy, set goals and implement a solution to meet their specific business needs.

End-to-End Data Security -EVault Offsite Replication Service supports end-to-end encryption and makes it possible to encrypt backup data in transit to ensure data privacy on-premise and in the i365 Cloud.The EVault Offsite Replication Service is delivered either as a virtual extension of the customer's own internal infrastructure, where they manage their remote vault within the i365 Cloud, or as a managed service, which includes a team of i365 experts to manage their onsite and offsite vaults for them. For more information, visit www.i365.com or contact an i365 expert at 877-901-DATA (3282).
About i365, A Seagate Company
i365, A Seagate Company, provides proven solutions for the protection, retention management, and discovery of electronic information. Trusted by over 22,000 customers, our innovative technologies combined with flexible deployment options form solutions to solve organizations' most rigorous compliance and data management problems. Our solutions address the complexity of explosive data growth, the challenge of maintaining high availability of critical business systems, and the increasing demands of regulatory compliance and litigation. Our offerings include i365 EVault Data Protection software and SaaS for backup and recovery; i365 Retention Management solutions for data recovery, data migration, data restoration and data management solutions; and i365 MetaLINCS?? E-Discovery solutions for first pass processing, advanced content analysis, and legal review of electronic information. www.i365.com.

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