Google's BlackBerry Search App Updated

Google updated the search application for Research In Motion's BlackBerry platform. The new software lets users search their device as well as the cloud.

Eric Zeman

September 17, 2010

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Google has long offered dedicated search applications to most smartphone platforms, including Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and of course, BlackBerry OS. The last time Google updated the BlackBerry search client, it added the ability to quickly scan through email and contact data stored on the device.

This time around, Google extends the search app's powers beyond the device up into the cloud, where users can search their online Gmail archives and contacts database. Additionally, users can also now search through their Google Docs.

Google provides the following example, "You've just received an email from a friend who's coming with you on a camping trip this weekend and he's reminded you that you should take a look at the checklist to see what you need to bring along. It's been a while since you created the list, but you can just say 'checklist' to Google Mobile App and find it in your Google Docs in a couple of clicks."

Sadly, mobile users can only view their Google Docs on their device, they won't be able to edit or make changes to them. Even so, the ability to search through Google Docs can be a valuable tool when you know that's where a vital piece of information is hiding.

Google is sure to mention that these searches are sent securely via an https connection. Despite the need to sign into your Google user account, Google does not store the password locally on the BlackBerry. All the information exchanged between the device and Google is encrypted in transit.

Users can download the mobile search application directly from Google. It is offered for free.

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