Gigamon Unveils Branch Office Node, FlowVUE App

News roundup: GigaVUE-HB1 leverages GigaSMART; Ixia debuts ControlTower architecture; CipherCloud bolsters compliance policies; ForeScout and FireEye team up to combat malware.

May 6, 2013

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Gigamon unveiled its latest Visibility Fabric node at Interop Las Vegas. Aimed at branch offices, the GigaVUE-HB1 is the latest component of the company's Unified Visibility Fabric within the services layer and is equipped with Gigamon's GigaSMART technology. GigaSMART gives enterprises the ability to normalize traffic and perform VXLAN decapsulation for monitoring virtualized network overlays, ERSPAN termination, packet dededuplication, packet masking and packet slicing. The GigaVUE-HB1 enables remote network monitoring by tunneling monitored data back to a central site.

Gigamon also introduced new software, including its proof-of-concept application FlowVUE, which will offer flow-based correlation services. It's the second visibility application the company has developed and is slated to debut in the fourth quarter, joining its existing session-aware flow deduplication application. Meanwhile, Gigamon's H Series 3.0 OS Software for the management layer, set for release at the end of the month, includes a new workflow-based Web 2.0 GUI and allows customers to use its GigaPORT-C01 100Gb blade for visibility into full-line-rate 100 Gb Ethernet connections.

The GigaVUE-HB1 will be available at the end of May for $15,995; the GigaPORT-C01 100 Gb blade will be available at the same time for $124,995. Gigamon is demonstrating its Unified Visibility Fabric architecture at booth No. 1,459 at Interop Las Vegas.

Ixia Architecture Displays Distributed Environments as One Switch

Ixia's new ControlTower architecture is designed to help large, geographically distributed enterprises scale and quickly deploy multiple segments for centralized monitoring through a single interface. It's based on the Ixia's Anue Net Tool Optimizer network monitoring switches and includes the ControlTower Supervisor NTO 5260 and ControlTower Members NTO 5268, with all functions centrally managed by the Supervisor.

The Supervisor comes in a 2U form factor and supports 40 Gb and 10 Gb trunk links. It enables enterprises to share traffic anywhere within a ControlTower cluster from any network access point to any monitoring tool at full line rate.

The ControlTower architecture reduces traffic on interconnect links and the potential for dropped packets by making use of the Anue NTO custom dynamic traffic-filtering capabilities. It also allows enterprises to deploy network monitoring switches, which filter traffic upon ingress, in a single high-density stack, distributed across the tops of multiple racks in a data center or distributed across multiple buildings on a campus. Ixia's interface presents the entire distributed environment as a single switch and enables administrators to easily add new monitored network segments and subdivide access control across multiple work groups.

Ixia is demonstrating its ControlTower architecture at booth No. 1,951 at Interop this week.

CipherCloud Adds Discovery Tool

CipherCloud has added new capabilities to its cloud information protection platform to help enterprises meet their compliance policies as they adopt cloud and software-as-a-service applications. Cloud Data Discovery provides CipherCloud platform customers with dashboards that display all the information users are sharing across all cloud applications, including Box and

Cloud Data Discovery's advanced monitoring capabilities provide detailed information on all logging, tracking and auditing of user activities, which is aggregated and monitored to easily and quickly identify policy violations and potential security breaches. It can use CipherCloud's data loss prevention offering for compliance tracking or integrate with other enterprise DLP templates such as those from Symantec, as well as out-of-the box templates, including HIPAA, PCI and PII.

ForeScout and FireEye Collaborate to Thwart Malware

ForeScout Technologies and FireEye have joined forces to protect enterprises from advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks by combining ForeScout's CounterACT platform and the FireEye threat protection platform in the form of a ForeScount CounterACT plug-in for FireEye. The combined technologies identify, verify and quarantine botnets, APTs and malware in distributed systems and bring-your-own-device environments.

FireEye's platform provides enterprise-wide threat protection using a detection engine that integrates with partner platforms such as ForeScout's while using FireEye APIs and standards-based threat intelligence metadata. ForeScout's CounterACT provides automated control for any device, user, systems or applications that try connecting to any enterprise network.

Together, the FireEye malware protection system identifies attacks and blocks any malware activity and informs CounterACT of the affected system and the severity of the threat so it can apply appropriate policy, which might include quarantining the endpoint, blocking or limiting specific communications, reporting details about the endpoint, and notifying an end user or administrator.

The CounterACT plug-in for FireEye is available now for CounterACT customers that are under active maintenance at no additional cost.

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