Dropbox 2.0.0 Pretties Up the Menu

The best part of the Dropbox cloud storage service is their easy-to-use software. Version 2.0 makes it even easier.

Larry Seltzer

March 13, 2013

1 Min Read
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Dropbox 2.0.0 on Mac, Windows and Linux.

We tested the new version on both Mac and Windows and the differences aren't all that major. But they are nice.

Dropbox 2.0.0 Mac menu

Dropbox 2.0.0 Mac menu

The Dropbox 2.0.0 menu on Mac

See the image above. That's the drop-down menu on Mac OS from the Dropbox 2.0.0 icon at the top of the screen. As you can see, notifications come directly into the menu, although we still got the bubble notifications from the system when we weren't in the menu. You can share files directly from this menu and open files and folders.

Dropbox 2.0.0 Windows menu

Dropbox 2.0.0 Windows menu

Dropbox 2.0.0 Windows menu

The menu shows what files have changed recently.

That's pretty much all she wrote. As the Dropbox Blog explains, the changes are only what you see in the new menu.

It's just as well because the easy-to-use and powerful software is what makes Dropbox so popular. It has many competitors, some from huge and powerful companies like Google and Microsoft, but "Dropbox" is almost synonymous now with consumer cloud storage.

When we went to download the Windows version we encountered a bug on the Dropbox site: The link to download Dropbox 2.0.0 downloaded an earlier version, 1.6.16. It will likely be fixed by the time you read this. You can download any of the new versions directly from these links:

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