Citrix Merges Repeater Features With CloudBridge

CloudBridge now optimizes WANs; WatchGuard appliances expand Hyper-V support; Aryaka portal monitors more than WANs; Enterasys builds out SDN ecosystem.

May 9, 2013

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Citrix has incorporated WAN-optimization capabilities from its Citrix Branch Repeater into its CloudBridge product to improve customer transition from legacy PC apps. Branch Repeater accelerates PC applications to improve performance on virtualized desktops, while CloudBridge enables enterprise data centers to set up secure and optimized bridges to public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Current Citrix Repeater, Repeater on NetScaler SDX and Branch Repeater customers can add the CloudBridge functionality by upgrading to release 7.0 software, which is now available as a tech preview.

Citrix's CloudBridge can be deployed as a standalone physical or virtual appliance and is shipping today with the CloudBridge 2000 and 3000 line for midrange data centers. The CloudBridge 600 and 700 for branch deployments and the CloudBridge 4000 and 5000, delivering 310 Mbps to 2 Gbps of WAN optimization and secure cloud bridging in the same appliance, can be ordered now and will ship in June. Pricing was not disclosed.

WatchGuard Extends UTM Support to Hyper-V

WatchGuard Technologies has expanded support for customers using Microsoft Hyper-V virtualized environments starting with its XTMv unified threat management platform; the company plans to add Hyper-V support to its XCSv content security appliance in the third quarter of this year. WatchGuard's XTMv and XCSv appliances are aimed at both public and private clouds and provide enterprises using Hyper-V with network, email, Web and content security, all managed through a central console.

WatchGuard XTMv gives enterprises the ability to virtualize the gateway firewall to protect both the physical perimeter of the data center and any virtual perimeters they establish as well. A virtual firewall can be deployed on the physical server, insulating all traffic from the public Internet, while multiple firewalls can be consolidated.

Aryaka Portal Monitors More Through One Dashboard

Aryaka has updated its Web-based MyAryaka customer portal by integrating its Application Delivery-as-a-Service and Network-as-a-Service with its WAN Optimization-as-a-Service to provide a single dashboard for customers. The new portal also has better configuration capabilities, more detailed reporting and supports real-time access and management on any device through the newly available MyAryaka Mobile.

MyAryaka's centralized end-to-end network and application usage and reporting on WANs is a free service for all customers, and the portal can be customized for both business and technical users. Reporting is more detailed, with granular segmentation of WANs; network and application delivery by application; amount of data processed; and data reduction and view by month, week or day. Users can view the status of each link as it traverses the network.

Enterasys Taps Partners for SDN Ecosystem

Enterasys Networks has launched its own software-defined networking ecosystem that integrates technologies from a variety of partners through an open API and flow-based ASIC architecture. The Siemens-owned company also unveiled its Connect Central developer community in the form of a portal to allow developers to work with the API.

Enterasys' SDN ecosystem uses its CoreFlow2 ASIC switching technology. CoreFlow2 includes a deep packet classification engine that enables the switches and routers to differentiate between types of traffic and what is using port 80 to apply more granular controls for access control and quality of service. CoreFlow2 can scale up to 64 million flows and more than 1 Tb per system.

Enterasys has already integrated several partners into the ecosystem for data center applications as well applications at the network edge through its OneFabric Connect launched early this year and allows integration of third-party apps into its OneFabric Control Center.

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