CDNetworks Cuts Storage Deal With Nirvanix

The content delivery network touts price and performance advantages of moving customer storage into the Nirvanix cloud

June 24, 2008

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CDNetworks Co. Ltd. is trying to appeal to customer needs for low-cost storage infrastructure by partnering with cloud storage provider Nirvanix Inc.

CDNetworks says that with Nirvanix it can offer a more comprehensive storage solution, with lower pricing and better performance, than it could alone. The companies claim that the solution can save a customer up to 80 to 90 percent versus building out its own storage infrastructure.

In addition to the storage savings it can pass on to customers, CDNetworks VP of U.S. and European Sales saysthe company will be able to significantly reduce its own capex andimprove margins by using Nirvanix as the default storage for customers,since it won't have to build out its own storage infrastructure to meetcustomer demand.

The CDNetworks Library Storage Solution will offer geographically redundant storage nodes with no file size limitations and 100 percent content offload from origin servers to the cloud.

The companies will cross-sell each other's services, with CDNetworksoffering cloud storage as part of its portfolio of services andNirvanix offering content delivery to its storage offerings.The companies say the performance benefits are two-fold. First, Jonathan Buckley, chief marketing officer for Nirvanix, says his company was "built from ground up to be a global storage solution optimized for media content."

The main performance benefits come from how the Nirvanix storagesolution was designed. Buckley says the solution is not "a disk drive in sky at onedata center, but a collection of storage nodes that globally loadbalances under one data space."

The Nirvanix storage solution works by moving content between its data arrays when needed in different geographic locations. As a result, Buckley says that "total system performance is faster than if a company set up a single data center" as its origin.

Since Nirvanix and CDNetworks have cross-connects in a lot of the same data centers, customers can also receive significant performance benefits from not having to transport content from origin over the Internet.

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