BakBone Unveils New NetVault

BakBone delivers 30-second application data recovery with new NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector

July 22, 2008

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SAN DIEGO -- BakBone Software (Pink Sheets:BKBO), the leading provider of heterogeneous integrated data protection solutions, now offers a real-time data protection solution that enables users to recover Exchange, SQL Server and Windows file system data in as fast as 30 seconds with near-zero data loss. NetVault®: Real-Time Data Protector™ provides granular recovery of individual mailboxes or mailbox items without performing additional brick-level backups, which reduces storage costs and vastly minimizes the loss of business-critical application data.

Building on BakBone’s Integrated Data Protection (IDP) strategy, NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector significantly reduces downtime and its impact on a company’s ability to service its customers and generate revenue. Exchange servers, individual storage groups or individual files can quickly be recovered to any-point-in-time, providing near-zero data loss and significant peace of mind for users who cannot afford the gaps in protection from their traditional backup policies.

NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector also provides granular recovery of individual mailboxes or mailbox items without the need to perform additional brick-level backups. With off-site backups being an important part of the data protection plan for any business critical application, NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector’s integration with traditional backup technologies, including NetVault: Backup, gives users the confidence that the recovery data stored in the online storage is protected and stored offsite to ensure business continuity.

“Downtime and data loss aren’t just inconveniences; they can have a deep financial impact on an organization,” said Jeff Drescher, vice president of Marketing, BakBone. “For instance, a single server crash typically results in over 25 hours of downtime equating to an almost $500,000 loss for a 500-person company. The release of NetVault: Real-Time Data Protector jumps past traditional backups – with BakBone you’re always on, continuously capturing every Exchange transaction or file system write to high-value, time-sensitive documents. For businesses, downtime and data loss are unacceptable, and with this announcement BakBone demonstrates its commitment to giving users the tools they need to protect their most important business assets.”

BakBone Software Inc.

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