Asankya Supercharges Cloud Application Delivery

Technology improves Internet application performance by 40X.

June 3, 2009

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ATLANTA - June 3, 2009 - Asankya today announced that it has extended its parallel networking technology to solve key performance challenges inhibiting the growth and global scale of cloud- and SaaS-based applications. Asankya's parallel networking algorithms deliver 40X throughput improvement for Internet-based applications, including real-time collaboration, interactive video and cloud storage/backup/archival, while maintaining the security, reliability and global consistency of private dedicated connections. With its breakthrough performance advancements, Asankya enables customers to take advantage of the economics of using the Internet backbone for the secure delivery of applications and removes the barriers for broad cloud computing adoption. Asankya's core technology is a set of patented parallel networking algorithms that deliver up to 40X bi-directional Internet Protocol (IP) performance improvement and accelerate encrypted traffic (IPsec and SSL) delivery regardless of application type (TCP- and UDP-based). The parallel networking technology solves transport inefficiencies inherent in TCP, increases aggregate throughput across the Internet by using multiple available pathways and removes duplicate packet transmission (packet dedupe) for dynamic content to save bandwidth costs. The breakthrough algorithms were first funded through grants by the National Science Foundation to Dr. Ragupathy Sivakumar, Chair of the wireless computing lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Asankya co-founder and CTO. The technology was then commercialized by Asankya and first deployed by the U.S. government for real-time, interactive video applications delivered over wired and wireless IP networks. Asankya's technology has been recognized for its pioneering contribution to wireless and mobile computing research, winning awards from Association of Computing Machinery (ACM SIGMOBILE) and Motorola.

A combination of factors is driving the migration of applications to the cloud, including the maturity of cloud technologies, the current global economy, and the reports from early adopters of the benefits of cloud economics. IDC projects the cloud computing industry to be $42 billion by 2012. The market for cloud application acceleration services will represent 5% of this market, growing to $2.1 billion by 2012, as companies require high speed, secure delivery of applications over the Internet backbone. "We are excited about bringing true innovation to cloud application acceleration and delivery by successfully harnessing and aggregating the throughput available along multiple paths of the public Internet," said Asankya co-founder and CEO Scott Ryan. "Using the Internet as the primary backbone for consistent, high speed application delivery without the need to build multiple "repeater" data centers globally or employ private leased lines is not a future reality. It can happen now with Asankya."

"Within the next five years, we will see a tremendous growth in the demand for high speed Internet-based application delivery," said Laurie Olivier of investment firm Veritas Venture Partners. "Real-time collaboration and interactive video-based cloud applications will drive the need for high speed delivery and scale not sustainable using current Internet delivery technologies. Asankya is correctly attacking these unaddressed issues of network performance that will adversely affect Cloud adoption. We very strongly believe that the company is poised for success."About Asankya (

Asankya is the cloud acceleration company for high speed delivery of Internet-based applications. The company has built a Cloud Acceleration Network (CAN) service currently in final beta testing with leading SaaS companies, cloud storage providers, internal enterprise cloud users and key government entities. Asankya is venture-backed by Veritas Venture Partners, In-Q-Tel, Seraph Group, Georgia Research Alliance and several distinguished individual investors, including Steve Chaddick, a co-founder of CIENA Corp. Asankya is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

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