Art of Defence Offers Cloud Security

Distributed Web application firewall provider is launching the Hyperguard SaaS (software as a service) solution

April 21, 2009

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SAN FRANCISCO -- As cloud infrastructure, platform and application providers race to capture market share, maintaining state-of-the-art security for these environments and applications becomes complicated and cumbersome. Today, Art of Defence, the leading distributed web application firewall (dWAF) provider, is launching the Hyperguard(tm) SaaS (software as a service) solution. The offering will enable cloud technology providers to easily offer new, comprehensive and flexible security solutions at the web application layer. Website operators will benefit from thorough protection without the hassle of back-end integration details. Art of Defence delivers the SaaS offering through a pay-per-use license model, ideal for today's cloud offering business models.

Hyperguard SaaS is built on Art of Defences patent-pending dWAF technology, ideally suited for the diverse platform and infrastructure scenarios required to deliver applications through a cloud. Using the Open Web Application Security Project's (OWASP) best practice recommendations as a starting point, Hyperguard adds high-level proactive security features typically not found in other WAF solutions, such as secure session management, URL encryption and a web authentication framework.

Protection levels are easily tightened iteratively without risk of unwanted exposure or blocking to the application being shielded. 'Detection only mode' allows new rule-sets to be tested but not enforced, alongside with existing rule-sets that enforce already proven security policies. Thus, administrators can develop, test and deploy new security policies time and again without ever relaxing the established defenses or risking false positives.

Hyperguard´s intelligent learning modes monitor site traffic and suggest new protection rules. Again, administrators can test these in shadow mode to ensure no false positives occur before deploying them to enforce the improved security policies. Further, Hyperguard helps customers to fulfill all PCI DSS's 1.2 compliance requirements for web application security.

"The market is eager to move to the cloud even those applications considered highly sensitive. Financial services, eCommerce, healthcare - they are all pushing cloud adoption and in turn placing increasing pressure on providers to make sure the applications are secure and meet compliance requirements," said Georg Hess, founder and CEO, Art of Defence GmbH. "Our goal is to lighten this burden from cloud providers and free them to continue to focus on developing innovative cloud applications or offer compelling platform or infrastructure services, and leave security to the experts."Art of Defence

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