7 Super Cloud Storage And File-Sharing Platforms

Cloud sync-and-share services can help businesses reduce on-site equipment, improve backup and compliance, and foster worker collaboration. Find out which platforms are enterprise-worthy.

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Enterprise file storage used to mean hulking black boxes, magnetic tape and floppy disks kept safe under the watchful eye of the storage manager. These days, storage is much more fluid and ubiquitous, and most organizations need effective ways to enable employees to share their work and collaborate more easily with colleagues -- both inside and outside the organization -- without any risk of information theft.

For this reason, many organizations are exploring cloud storage solutions, which provide the storage capacity they need without making any up-front capital investments. Cloud storage can help simplify data sharing among managers, peers and clients, and the platforms listed here also offer additional benefits including collaboration and workflow, plus integration with enterprise software programs. With cloud storage, organizations can ensure 24/7 availability of data and reduce downtime and management efforts. Additionally, the ability to set different access levels for file sharing helps ensure the privacy and security of sensitive information.

At present, there are a wide range of cloud storage tools available. This can make it tough for an enterprise to choose the right product to meet their business requirements. As part of our "Top in Tech" series, we've picked seven sync-and-share platforms that are potentially worth making a part of your enterprise storage strategy.

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