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Zscaler Launches Industry-First Fully Integrated E-mail And Web Cloud Security Service

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 19. Zscaler, Inc., the market leader in cloud security, today announced the worldwide availability of the industry's first fully integrated email and web security service. With the addition of email security to its existing web security portfolio, Zscaler now offers enterprises with the most comprehensive cloud-delivered service that protects against most Internet-based risks. It also consolidates multiple point products, simplifies IT administration, increases security, while reducing costs and risk to the business.

"Web and messaging security are no longer mutually exclusive," says Christian Christiansen, Program Vice President for IDC's Security Products and Services group. "Malicious URLs appear in emails, phishing attacks, and sophisticated blended threats that target multiple protocols. The use of web-based malware forces organizations to adopt security technologies that can address both web and messaging threat vectors to an equal degree. Offering potential solutions, Zscaler's security SaaS offerings provide integrated web and email security that reduces cost and complexity while improving security."

Zscaler launched its game-changing cloud-delivered web security service in 2008 and is now protecting millions of users in 140 countries. Customers range from G2000 enterprises to governments to SMBs. To complement the web security offering, Zscaler has now extended its infrastructure to also provide a deep and comprehensive email security service that provides protection against spam and malware. Key features include:
  --  Accurate filtering to block spam and phishing
  --  Deep protection against viruses and spyware before they enter the
      enterprise perimeter
  --  Flexible policies to define granular mail flow and encryption
  --  Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for SMTP and webmail
  --  Rich, interactive and correlated real-time reporting
"We have been a happy Zscaler web security customer," said Bob Fairclough, Manager of Technology Services at Raritan Bay Medical Center (RBMC), a leading healthcare institution in New Jersey. "Replacing our email security appliances with Zscaler's email service was almost effortless. Integrated email and web security has provided us holistic reporting and common security policies as well as saved us time and money."

While many vendors talk about web and email integration, offerings are limited to a common dashboard. Beyond that lie two disparate user interfaces as well as multiple policy managers and reporting systems. Truly integrated web and email security is a key factor setting Zscaler apart from the competition. Service highlights include:
  --  Single Policy: Truly one policy manager for email and web security
  --  Integrated Security: Cross-leveraging threat intelligence with full
      inline real-time content inspection of email and web traffic for
      better detection of advanced threats and data loss, as well as dynamic
      classification of web pages to proactively stop suspicious and
      malicious code. For example, detection of transaction by botnets
      sending spam is leveraged by the web security service in real-time.
  --  Integrated Reporting: Holistic visibility for email and web, with
      unified real-time reporting down to the transaction level at
      incredibly fast response speeds, powered by Zscaler's patented NanoLog
  --  Common DLP: A single, common user interface and policy manager for
      Data Loss Prevention (DLP), eliminating the need to maintain separate
      sets of policies and dictionaries for email and web
"Driven by cost, complexity and growing security risks, enterprises of all sizes are looking for integrated cloud security services," said Patrick Foxhoven, CIO of CentraComm, a managed security and network services company based in Ohio servicing Fortune 50 to mid-market customers. "Unlike other offerings, Zscaler email and web are truly integrated, enabling us to serve our customers better by addressing all threat vectors they face with a single unified platform."

In addition, the Zscaler services offer policy-based protection for mobile users anywhere and at any time. With 40+ data centers globally, re-routing latency is minimum and 100 percent reliability and availability is ensured. "The new version of Zscaler gives new meaning to, and defines a new standard for, integrated web and email security services," said Jay Chaudhry, CEO of Zscaler. "It also provides us unrivalled visibility into evolving threats across mail and Web globally."

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