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Streamcore Helps Cloud Service Providers Create Value Through Greater Visibility And Performance Control

SAN FRANCISCO(BUSINESS WIRE) Streamcore, the global provider of visibility and dynamic performance control solutions to manage interactive applications and real-time communications delivery over the WAN, today announced that its solutions are helping cloud service providers to create value for enterprise customers by better managing application and communication delivery.

As enterprises increasingly outsource their IT assets to help them focus more on their core business, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers are feeling increased pressure to deliver applications and Web services with optimal performance levels. However, most cloud service providers find it challenging to manage shared WAN access to guarantee performance and customize services for individual enterprise customers. With Streamcore solutions, IaaS or SaaS providers can offer new personalized visibility, monitoring and performance control services to customers accessing their data centers located in the cloud.

Streamcore's key technology advantage is its multi-tenancy capability that enables IaaS and SaaS providers to segregate traffic per enterprise customer and provide virtualized visibility and control services with a single Streamcore appliance. Subnet overlapping between customers is fully supported when service providers implement network virtualization based on VLANs, in order to preserve private IP addresses used by enterprise customers. Streamcore appliances can distinguish each enterprise's virtual LAN and act as if a virtual appliance was deployed for each customer. By providing virtualization at the network layer, much higher performance can be achieved on a single appliance than with traditional server virtualization technologies, and overall traffic management is available. Streamcore's management and provisioning features simplify configuration tasks and make change management easy, regardless of the number of customers that the IaaS or SaaS provider needs to support.

IaaS and SaaS providers can increase revenue by offering value-added services such as premium services with guaranteed service level agreements based on Streamcore's technology. When several enterprise customers, or several sites belonging to a single enterprise customer, are served via a shared WAN access link, Streamcore's advanced quality of service (QoS) feature allows service providers to guarantee a minimum amount of bandwidth for premium enterprise customers and remote sites despite bandwidth intensive applications traversing the WAN. Streamcore's Application Behavior Based Analysis (ABBA) engine also ensures fair service among end-users and optimal response time for interactive traffic. Service providers can offer application or communication performance visibility services via Streamcore's real-time monitoring and reporting features.

Additionally, IaaS and SaaS providers delivering applications or Web services to enterprises over the Internet can offer services based on Streamcore appliances deployed at the customer's premise. Streamcore's advanced QoS features can prioritize cloud service providers' applications over other types of Internet traffic. "Many of our large enterprise customers have been leveraging Streamcore's multi-tenancy capabilities to deliver greater visibility and control to the various business units they serve within the enterprise," said Frederic Hediard, vice president of product management at Streamcore. "Now, the same capabilities are proving very useful to service providers as cloud computing gains momentum. Service providers can use Streamcore appliances to enhance the value and performance management of their cloud offerings."