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SMBs Work On the Go With New 'Cloud-Based' PC Data Backup And Mobile Access Service From AT&T

DALLAS, May 24. Small businesses will be able to work remotely and flexibly with no worries about losing business-critical documents, thanks to AT&T Tech Support 360 Backup and Go -- the first online data backup service to be truly optimized for mobile devices. The new cloud-based service enables small businesses to virtually take their hard drives and servers on the road; users can collaborate and share documents on the go by accessing and viewing those documents on any Web-connected PC or mobile device.

In addition to providing easy and secure remote access to files, Backup and Go lets users print and fax documents, add comments or share with others by simply sending a Web link. And, because employees of small businesses often choose their own devices, the service runs on more than 800 mobile devices, including Blackberry devices and smartphones from other manufacturers.

For as little as $7 a month, Backup and Go offers unlimited backup and storage of PC data with remote access from any location via Web-connected computer or mobile devices. There's also a Backup and Go Premium service for $10 a month that offers data archiving and further enhances productivity with a full range of collaboration features. With the premium service, users can:
  --  Create project teams and online project workspaces for collaboration
  --  Create guest accounts that can access authorized project work spaces
  --  E-mail files directly from online storage. to colleagues, customers or
  --  Print stored documents from any computer
  --  Maintain older versions of files with version control up to 6 months
Backup and Go is available nationwide to any small business with a high speed Internet connection. All data accessed and backed up is stored in highly secure offsite data centers. With the premium service, older versions of files are stored for up to six months.

According to AMI-Partners, a market research firm, the U.S. market for small business online storage/backup is expected to more than double from $138 million to $295 million from 2009 to 2013, while the smart phone device and data services market will more than double from $2.5 billion to more than $5 billion during the same time-frame.

"For small businesses, data backup is increasingly becoming critical, though not all realize that until an unfortunate event occurs," said Deepinder Sahni, Senior VP, AMI-Partners. "Meanwhile, collaboration is very much top-of-mind and an immediate need for small businesses as they look to make decisions quickly and while on the move. A combination of collaborative, mobile tools and back-up/storage, such as packaged by AT&T, would hold strong utility for growing small businesses."

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