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Quest Software Unlocks Cloud Data with Toad For Cloud Databases

ALISO VIEJO, Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE) Quest Software, Inc. today launched a beta program for Toad for Cloud Databases, a data access and management tool for non-relational data stored in cloud databases, also known as NoSQL databases. Toad for Cloud Databases helps users unlock data stored in the cloud by using the familiar SQL language or Toad's popular visual query and data access capabilities. Users can query and report on non-relational data, migrate data in both cloud and relational databases from one to the other, and create queries that combine the two.

"With Toad for Cloud Databases, we wanted to put NoSQL databases within reach of traditional relational database developers and administrators, and allow non-programmers to extract and analyze the data," said Guy Harrison, director of research and development, Quest Software. "This tool takes something very familiar to the database professional - Toad - and makes it the vehicle for exploring and exploiting these exciting new data stores. Users now have a free and familiar tool for experimenting with these new technologies."

Emerging non-relational platforms are compelling options for organizations looking to overcome the cost and scalability limitations of relational database systems. Currently, complex programming is required to access data stored in the cloud, and this creates significant barriers for users who want to build applications or use the data for business intelligence. Toad for Cloud Databases breaks through this roadblock, providing query building and reporting capabilities familiar to Toad users, plus migration and management for developers who want to experiment with the cloud - all wrapped into a SQL-based interface.

The current beta supports Amazon SimpleDB, Microsoft Azure Table services, Apache HBase, and any Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)-enabled relational database. The second beta release will add full support for Apache Cassandra, as well as Apache Hadoop through Hive. In addition, Quest has an Eclipse-based version of Toad for Cloud Databases on its roadmap for a future release.

"The database market is experiencing a very exciting, significant shift with these new types of data stores, and the future of Toad will reflect these changes in the market by providing freedom of platform choice," said Billy Bosworth, vice president and general manager for Enterprise Database, Quest Software. "We're entering a new era for Toad, marked by the recent launch of Toad Extension for Visual Studio, and continued with today's Toad for Cloud Databases beta drop. Users can look forward to us supporting more of these emerging technologies in the near future."