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OpenStack Opportunities And Obstacles

Enterprises continue to look to OpenStack as an alternative to public cloud, but security and a dearth of tools remain sticking points to adoption of the open source cloud technology, according to a new report.

A survey of 647 virtualization and cloud professionals worldwide released today by cloud management software company Talligent revealed top drivers for OpenStack adoption as well as challenges. The top drivers are a perception that public cloud costs too much (61%) and also enterprise interest in improving IT service responsiveness (59%).

Still, even though the report indicated that OpenStack is getting easier to deploy – at least among respondents who are in the evaluation stage – OpenStack’s security model was rated as a top challenge for adopting the technology, followed by a lack of operational tools.

The IT pros surveyed had varying levels of experience with OpenStack, including those using it in production (30%) and those evaluating it (32%). The rest were familiar with the technology but not yet implementing it.

Check out the infographic below for more details from the OpenStack study.

OpenStack infographic