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Meraki Debuts First Cloud-Based Application Traffic Shaper

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 11. Meraki, the cloud-based wireless networking company, today announced the launch of Meraki Traffic Shaper, an application aware bandwidth control system integrated with Meraki's wireless networking solutions. Traffic Shaper is the first cloud-managed traffic shaper, as well as the first intelligent bandwidth control to be integrated into a wireless LAN. It enables administrators to see precisely how their network is being used, and to reserve bandwidth for critical applications while restricting recreational network usage.

  Traffic Shaper enables administrators to:
  --  Analyze network traffic by application or application class
  --  Enforce traffic shaping policies (e.g., limit each user's peer to peer
  --  Stay up to date with hundreds of constantly updated application
  --  Prioritize critical applications using QoS policies

Wireless LANs have become a critical part of a network infrastructure. Yet mission-critical applications increasingly compete with bandwidth-intensive recreational applications like video streaming and peer-to-peer file. The result? The ability to intelligently control wireless traffic translates directly to business application performance.

While dedicated traffic shaping appliances are available, they come at a considerable cost - often tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars - and require yet another solution to be deployed, maintained, and managed. Integrating Traffic Shaper directly into the wireless LAN provides intelligent bandwidth control with no additional cost and complexity.

Traffic Shaper's cloud-based signature database is constantly updated, enabling Traffic Shaper to identify new and changing applications without requiring the administrator to download and install software updates. Meraki's cloud-based architecture also enables Traffic Shaper to continually learn from Meraki's 15,000+ networks and millions of users, increasing the accuracy and precision of application fingerprints.

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