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Jitterbit Integrates SaaS Apps

Jitterbit has announced Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition, a cloud-based version of its Jitterbit Enterprise open-source data and application integration platform. The new platform helps organizations share information among applications, including premises and SaaS applications. With the new cloud support, users can put the Jitterbit platform into the Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) or VMware vCloud web services platform and not have to host Jitterbit within their own enterprise. Because the full set of Jitterbit Enterprise features is supported, users can share Jitterpaks or reusable integration templates among all deployments.

"By using Jitterbit we have linked all our of cloud structure: Salesforce for UI, Amazon for storage and data manipulation, and Pentaho for reporting," says Jay Roy, CEO of AWPRx, a pharmaceutical management company with 25 employees, more than $10 million in revenue, and a network of 65,000 pharmacies. "What really made a difference is a Jitterpak that dynamically describes the objects in Salesforce and Oracle, creating tables in MySQL on Amazon EC2 that reflect these structures," says Roy. He says the routine replicates the data from Oracle tables and the Salesforce objects to MySQL. This lets AWPRx mine the data. It also creates a data archive that AWPRx could use in another system in the future.
Jitterbit lets IT and business establish a common method for cloud-based data integration instead of lots of separate pipes and manual efforts or custom programs that are not automated, says Mark Smith, CEO and executive vice president of research at Ventana Research. The ability to integrate between premises and cloud apps, or between cloud apps, makes it easier for organizations to synchronize data across clouds, or to create a single, uniform instance of data that can be used by other applications such as business intelligence systems.

Jitterbit Enterprise Cloud Edition is available now. It starts at $799 per month for an unlimited number of connections and users. The service supports more than 250 major databases and applications and can be used in either an on-premises, hybrid, or a pure cloud application. A 30-day free trial of the application is available.