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CTERA Links Cloud Storage With Data Protection: Page 2 of 2

With its latest offering, the C800 appliance, CTERA has created an all-in-one NAS, file server and backup appliance that synchronizes data among individual PCs on the network and the C800 drives, then efficiently backs up using CTERA's integrated online backup service. Files can be restored anytime, anywhere using a web-based interface or from CTERA’s Virtual Cloud Drive, an applet that assigns drive letters to cloud storage folders.

CTERA also incorporates a multitude of features that round out the device's capabilities. For example, the company includes bandwidth-optimized backup, imaging technologies, virtualization support, automated synchronization and an FTP server, as well as remote management. All of this combine to create the company’s all-in-one claim.

CTERA sells its appliances and services through a network of authorized partners, meaning that IT managers will have to work with a solution provider to deploy the device and associated services. That makes nailing down pricing somewhat complex, affected by factors such as level of support, online storage, on-site storage and services associated with the appliance. However, the solution provider model offered by CTERA means that customers will have a one-stop method of incorporating the device and services by just leaving it all up to a solution provider.

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