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Aprigo Turns GoogleDocs Into An Enterprise Application

The great thing about GoogleDocs is that it's free. The even better thing about GoogleDocs is that storage is also free. The bad thing about GoogleDocs is that it lacks all of the controls IT demands, such as security, backup and recovery, at least until now. Aprigo, Inc. introduced Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs. The tool enables IT to provide data governance for unstructured data in the company's Google Apps domain. With Aprigo Ninja, IT managers can view and approve permissions, as well as define how unstructured data, such as e-mail, messages, presentations, text documents, images, audio and video files are stored and shared.

It doesn't take an IT expert to know that storage requirements are ballooning within the enterprise, and that cloud-based applications could go a long way towards addressing the issue. "When it comes to storage, we fight for every GB of data. Aprigo NINJA enables us to extend the life of our storage infrastructures and push out expensive upgrades," says Phillip Woosley, IT manager of a midmarket manufacturing company.

Yet while Google Docs enables businesses to share information more effectively amongst employees, it also makes leaking information a bigger risk. Aprigo NINJA for Google Docs provides deep insight into document exposure both at the summary and granular levels. Sensitive company information is proactively protected by assigning permissions to each document to prevent unauthorized viewing. The information sharing policies are rule-based, enabling administrators to address user inquiries and issues related to authorization.

Aprigo NINJA also has search capabilities enabling Google Docs users to generate lists of company documents that are categorized by document name, owner, collaborators, or specific document properties. They can also create reports and statistics to track how users are leveraging the Google Docs platform. The software offers a suite of data management tools via SaaS that can manage enterprise documentation on premise or in the cloud. The tools enable data visualization, analytics and IT benchmarking enabling IT to effectively manage data using a low-touch approach that has no impact on existing infrastructure and virtually no overhead. Aprigo Ninja is currently available in the Google Apps Marketplace. Pricing is set for $10 per user / year.