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Apace Packages Private Media Cloud In An Appliance For Global IP And Mobile Access

ORANGE, Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE) Apace Systems Corporation, a leading media workflow and storage solution provider for media content creation, distribution and archive, announces immediate availability of its uTube in the Box, its advanced collaborative media access platform for interactive global access, search/query, and two-way collaborative communication via video accessible over private and public IP networks.

Any business organization such as a corporation, media company, government or educational facility can have its private YouTube for its business use. Offered advantage is its simplicity to pack a private media cloud service in a single system for business use. An organization's audience such as its customers, members, employees, vendors, partners, can be given private or public access to content relevant to them over any IP network. The unique advantage includes ability of mobile audience to access Apace's media appliance over 3G/4G, Wi-Fi and any IP networks with a two-way interactive and more engaging experience vs. traditional unidirectional IP broadcast. The appliance will offer ingest, transcode, access/distribution, timecode-marking and storage and archive management via its simple users interface.

Field shots of video can be remote ingested into uTube in the Box for bi-directional communication between field and central office. Given the device agnostic nature of access, any ingest device such as IP camera, smart phone, Pad, laptop, with a browser interface can post and receive information from Apace appliance.

Apace appliance offers five core functionalities to all enterprise users in need of managing all their media privately with global reach
a) Two-way video, browser based global access for all computing devices including mobile Pad based and smart phones with collaborative feedback from viewing user
b) Ability to offer a cost effective and easy to deploy and manage dedicated Private Media Cloud
c) Enabling searchable time-code based markers enabling video sequential access to become random point in time search
d) Offering Auto ingest from smart phones and cameras with user defined searchable metadata
e) Enabling high quality video that is users and devices definable

uTube in the Box decouples access to its content from any client device hardware and OS platform; via its web browser client access. The Apace appliance is targeting at horizontal business use of video media for sales/marketing, training/support, customer and supplier communication and collaboration.