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Anametrix Releases InstaVista 3.0 Cloud-Based Business Analytics Technology

Anametrix, the leader in cloud-based business marketing intelligence, has released patent-pending breakthrough technology upgrades to its suite of business analytics solutions. InstaVista 3.0 features real-time multi-channel attribution continually correlating data points from disparate sources and locations with seamless Microsoft Excel bi-directional synchronization.

Anametrix InstaVista 3.0 provides powerful interactive visualizations of vast amounts of online and offline information, including web analytics, point of sale (POS), social media, search engine marketing (SEM), video & audio, e-mail campaigns, market research surveys, customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty programs.  Unlike web analytics firms including Omniture, Anametrix offers real-time enterprise level analytics of any source data.
The cloud-based multi-channel attribution enables correlations and amortizations across an entire user base.  In particular, InstaVista helps marketers clearly understand campaign effectiveness by tracking both online and offline sales activity associated with all advertising initiatives.  Beyond dashboards, customized reports can be scheduled for direct desktop delivery.

The new InstaVista release also features real-time UPloads from Microsoft Excel data, an industry first, along with download to Excel options for every data source. This exclusive bi-directional spreadsheet synching function enables organizations to align day-to-day employee activities with enterprise systems to drive quality decision-making across multiple applications without burdening IT staff.  InstaVista 3.0 is smarter than spreadsheets but yet much less complicated than traditional business intelligence (BI) solutions.  Individual end users across all departments are able to quickly and cost-effectively move beyond Excel to visually navigate combined complex data points and uncover unseen relationships within their own business units.

"Anametrix InstaVista provides unique visibility into cross-channel marketing endeavors," stated Anders Olsson, Anametrix CTO and cofounder.  "Instead of waiting months to understand the return on investment (ROI) of marketing dollars spent, our clients measure performance against business goals immediately as data becomes available. Budgets can thus be adapted and streamlined accordingly."

InstaVista offers any industry on-demand business analytics and compartmentalized metrics via dynamic reporting.  Recent Anametrix client acquisitions include two of the 'Big 4' US automotive manufacturers as well as publishers, global advertising agencies, and specialty retailers.  InstaVista is the ideal business analytics technology for these companies with brick-based storefronts as well as click-based digital presence.  Data segmentation by product line or locale accelerates speed to market, builds customer loyalty, and maximizes market share by weeding out inefficiencies.

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