Hyped to Death: AI Must Avoid Becoming a Cliché

Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Software and Services, Ciena News
  • AI use by telcos and providers potentially can improve customer service, speed onboarding, and reduce outages by pro-actively identifying problems. Is this hype or can AI deliver benefits to the enterprise?
    By Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Software and Services, Ciena , 9/18/2018

AWS vs. Azure: Users Share Their Experiences

IT Central Station News
  • Enterprise IT professionals offer their insights into two of the leading cloud platforms, AWS and Azure.
    By IT Central Station , 9/14/2018

Network Design Considerations for Hybrid Clouds

Andrew Froehlich News
  • When creating your hybrid cloud network, you'll need to understand your current needs and the long-term plans for your environment.
    By Andrew Froehlich , 8/21/2018

Going Cloud First: Risks to Consider

Archana Kesavan Commentary
  • Companies are always concerned about cloud security, but may overlook other factors in cloud adoption, such as the impact on performance.
    By Archana Kesavan , 8/17/2018

Improving DevOps Security Practices

Brett Johnson News
  • Security is often an afterthought, but DevOps engineers should make it a priority by taking these factors into consideration.
    By Brett Johnson , 8/16/2018

8 Networking Startups Shaking Up the Industry

Andrew Froehlich Slideshow
  • The hottest networking startups are leveraging trends like artificial intelligence and interoperability as well as building on tried and true technologies of the past.
    By Andrew Froehlich , 8/13/2018

Cloud Intelligence Throwdown: Amazon vs. Google vs. Microsoft

Kelly Sheridan News
  • A closer look at native threat intelligence capabilities built into major cloud platforms and discussion of their strengths and shortcomings.
    By Kelly Sheridan , 8/10/2018

6 DevOps Books for IT Professionals

  • If you’re an IT infrastructure professional, chances are good that your organization has already adopted DevOps or will do so soon. These DevOps books can help you get up to speed.
    By CYNTHIA HARVEY , 8/07/2018

Multifactor Acquisition: Cisco Plans to Buy Duo for $2.35B

Kelly Sheridan News
  • Cisco intends to use Duo's authentication technology to ramp up security across hybrid and multicloud environments.
    By Kelly Sheridan , 8/02/2018

Using SDKs to Manage Infrastructure as Code

Brett Johnson Commentary
  • Learn what an SDK is and how it can help you write scripts for infrastructure management.
    By Brett Johnson , 8/01/2018

Selecting an ISP for Business: Factors to Consider

Dan Conde Commentary
  • Price is an obvious consideration when picking an ISP, but security and co-location services are among other important criteria to consider.
    By Dan Conde , 7/31/2018

Top 3 Takeaways from Google Cloud Next '18

Mike Lyon, Scale Computing Commentary
  • At Google Cloud Next '18, hot topics included security, artificial intelligence and machine learning, containers, and hybrid cloud.
    By Mike Lyon, Scale Computing , 7/30/2018

AI in Business: Getting Started

Curtis Peterson Commentary
  • Artificial intelligence technologies are within the reach of every business. Here's how to start taking advantage of them.
    By Curtis Peterson , 7/27/2018

Decoding the Sysadmin

SolarWinds Slideshow
  • Celebrate SysAdmin Day with an entertaining look at what those outside of IT think sysadmins do.
    By SolarWinds , 7/26/2018

Network Monitoring in the Cloud: 3 Options

Andrew Froehlich Commentary
  • A look at ways network teams can keep an eye on network performance as enterprises connect to public cloud services.
    By Andrew Froehlich , 7/23/2018

Container Best Practices: Applying 'Old' Rules

Scott McCarty, principal technology product manager, Linux containers, Red Hat Slideshow
  • The container craze may be new, but organizations can use some traditional IT practices to manage Linux container deployments.
    By Scott McCarty, principal technology product manager, Linux containers, Red Hat , 7/23/2018

Revolutionizing the Network through Edge Computing

Lori MacVittie Commentary
  • Edge computing combines the speed of content delivery networks with the benefits of cloud to enable a new generation of networking.
    By Lori MacVittie , 7/20/2018

How IT Engineers Can Influence Process Change

Brett Johnson Commentary
  • Aggravated by inefficient processes? Learn how you can drive change by helping business leaders understand the impact of processes.
    By Brett Johnson , 7/18/2018

Google Building Trans-Atlantic Subsea Cable

Network Computing Editors News
  • Cloud giant expands network capacity with private subsea cable called Dunant, its latest submarine cable investment.
    By Network Computing Editors , 7/17/2018

Cloud Challenges Weigh on IT Teams

Network Computing Editors News
  • Study shows that enterprise IT pros are wrestling with new infrastructure issues as cloud migration accelerates.
    By Network Computing Editors , 7/10/2018