Infrastructure Vendors Making Strides in 2019

Andrew Froehlich News
  • IT infrastructure vendors are embracing software and service-based options, and developing a host of innovative technologies. Our list highlights the ones to watch.
    By Andrew Froehlich , 11/07/2018

Is a Cloud-native Strategy Right for You?

Dinesh Venugopal, President – Direct & Digital, Mphasis News
  • A cloud-native approach offers an agile environment enabling organizations to meet ever-increasing customer demands and expectations. This allows companies to grow a product, service, or idea and deploy all these...
    By Dinesh Venugopal, President – Direct & Digital, Mphasis , 11/02/2018

Cloudy with a Chance of Threats

Lior Cohen, Senior Director of Products and Solutions – Cloud Security, Fortinet News
  • Securing multiple clouds can be very complex. What’s needed is an integrated approach that is dynamic and flexible, and able to keep pace with cloud workloads and applications as they expand.
    By Lior Cohen, Senior Director of Products and Solutions – Cloud Security, Fortinet , 10/24/2018

Getting Multi-cloud Right with Per-app Architectures

Lori MacVittie News
  • How by-the-app solutions can tackle common cloud migration roadblocks including ramp up, risk management, and operational overhead.
    By Lori MacVittie , 10/02/2018

Guide to Cloud Computing Architectures

Packt Publishing News
  • Choosing the right cloud computing architecture depends on your business and technology service requirements. This excerpt from Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions explains the different cloud models including...
    By Packt Publishing , 9/27/2018

Monitoring and Visibility for the Hybrid Cloud

Archana Kesavan News
  • Today’s hybrid architectures require a combination of monitoring techniques to create a modern, full-stack, hybrid cloud monitoring capability.
    By Archana Kesavan , 9/25/2018

AWS Cloud Services Overview: What's New in 2018

Packt Publishing News
  • Amazon offers a multitude of options in its AWS cloud services lineup, and much has changed since they were first introduced. This overview from AWS Administration - The Definitive Guide explains the most popular core...
    By Packt Publishing , 9/20/2018

Hyped to Death: AI Must Avoid Becoming a Cliché

Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Software and Services, Ciena News
  • AI use by telcos and providers potentially can improve customer service, speed onboarding, and reduce outages by pro-actively identifying problems. Is this hype or can AI deliver benefits to the enterprise?
    By Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Software and Services, Ciena , 9/18/2018

AWS vs. Azure: Users Share Their Experiences

IT Central Station News
  • Enterprise IT professionals offer their insights into two of the leading cloud platforms, AWS and Azure.
    By IT Central Station , 9/14/2018

Complex Cloud Architecture Types

Packt Publishing News
  • This excerpt from Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions explains the various types of complex cloud architectures, including multi-data center architecture, global load balancing, database applications, and multi...
    By Packt Publishing , 8/27/2018

Hybrid Cloud Architecture Concepts

Packt Publishing News
  • This excerpt from Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions explains the various concepts of a hybrid cloud architecture, including hybrid user interface, processing, backup and application functions.
    By Packt Publishing , 8/27/2018

Network Design Considerations for Hybrid Clouds

Andrew Froehlich News
  • When creating your hybrid cloud network, you'll need to understand your current needs and the long-term plans for your environment.
    By Andrew Froehlich , 8/21/2018

Going Cloud First: Risks to Consider

Archana Kesavan Commentary
  • Companies are always concerned about cloud security, but may overlook other factors in cloud adoption, such as the impact on performance.
    By Archana Kesavan , 8/17/2018

Improving DevOps Security Practices

Brett Johnson News
  • Security is often an afterthought, but DevOps engineers should make it a priority by taking these factors into consideration.
    By Brett Johnson , 8/16/2018

8 Networking Startups Shaking Up the Industry

Andrew Froehlich Slideshow
  • The hottest networking startups are leveraging trends like artificial intelligence and interoperability as well as building on tried and true technologies of the past.
    By Andrew Froehlich , 8/13/2018

Cloud Intelligence Throwdown: Amazon vs. Google vs. Microsoft

Kelly Sheridan News
  • A closer look at native threat intelligence capabilities built into major cloud platforms and discussion of their strengths and shortcomings.
    By Kelly Sheridan , 8/10/2018

6 DevOps Books for IT Professionals

  • If you’re an IT infrastructure professional, chances are good that your organization has already adopted DevOps or will do so soon. These DevOps books can help you get up to speed.
    By CYNTHIA HARVEY , 8/07/2018

Multifactor Acquisition: Cisco Plans to Buy Duo for $2.35B

Kelly Sheridan News
  • Cisco intends to use Duo's authentication technology to ramp up security across hybrid and multicloud environments.
    By Kelly Sheridan , 8/02/2018

Using SDKs to Manage Infrastructure as Code

Brett Johnson Commentary
  • Learn what an SDK is and how it can help you write scripts for infrastructure management.
    By Brett Johnson , 8/01/2018

Selecting an ISP for Business: Factors to Consider

Dan Conde Commentary
  • Price is an obvious consideration when picking an ISP, but security and co-location services are among other important criteria to consider.
    By Dan Conde , 7/31/2018