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Cisco's Cloud Play | PCs Tell Tablets: We're Not Dead Yet

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  Wednesday, June 13, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist PCs Tell Tablets: We're Not Dead Yet
By Patrick Houston
The hoopla coming out of Apple this week notwithstanding, the PC is very much alive in a post-PC world. Here's why.

Windows 8 Tablets: Computex Sneak Peek
Should Your Next Smartphone Be A Phablet?

Cisco's Cloud Play: Three Strong Examples
Cisco CEO John Chambers talks a lot about listening to customers, and this time it looks like the company really has.

What iOS 6 Says About Mobile Fragmentation
Some of the best features of iOS 6 won't work on older iOS hardware. The same issue is true for other mobile platforms and new software. Is fragmentation inevitable?

VMware Launches Open Source Project To Virtualize Hadoop
VMware's Serengeti aims to allow the popular, big data handling system to run in virtualized environments.

Samsung TecTiles Automate Android Tasks Via NFC
Android users with NFC-enabled phones can program TecTiles to trigger automated sequences of actions.

Bluelock Lets Customers See Cloud Charges, Control Bills
VMware supplier's tool is designed to prevent cloud bill shock by telling customers what their bill will be and how to adjust usage to stay within the monthly budget.

Hortonworks Releases Its (Conservative) Hadoop Platform
Hortonworks sets itself apart from Cloudera and MapR by sticking with standards-based software and Apache's proven 1.0 code line.

Facebook: Are The Kids Alright?
As Facebook explores ways to officially welcome pre-teens, businesses consider the security, privacy, and legal implications of that change.

You cannot find peace by avoiding life. -- Virginia Woolf


Hortonworks Releases Its (Conservative) Hadoop Platform
Facebook: Are The Kids Alright?
Windows 8 Vs. The World
The Business Value of Post Warranty Contracts
Apple WWDC: 17 Cool Innovations
Cloud or Premise Based Contact Center -- Which is Right for You?
Virtual Event: Big Data Analytics

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Posted By jleone940:
"One would be naive to think that 'the cloud' will just solve all out problems."
In reply to: "Why The CIO Position Is In Jeopardy"
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Posted By moarsauce123:
"Microsoft makes it sound as if this all comes straight out of the box. And it is nothing revolutionary."
In reply to: "Windows 8 To Run Windows 7, And Vice Versa"
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Windows 8 Vs. The World
Microsoft's ambitious new OS tackles servers, PCs, and mobile devices. On the server side, we dig into the latest offering: Microsoft has boosted the capabilities of Hyper-V, streamlined management, and made other changes that IT will appreciate.
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Understanding Private Cloud Stacks
Private clouds are more than a trendy buzzword--they represent Virtualization 2.0. For IT organizations willing to dispense with traditional application hosting models, a plethora of pure cloud software options beckons. Our report explains what's available.
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The Business Value of Post Warranty Contracts
As IT environments continue to become increasingly complex, internal and external customers continue to demand higher levels of service - thus, renewing support contracts to allow for this undisrupted service to mission-critical workloads is crucial. This IDC paper examines the trends propelling the support services market and explores the need for continuing post-warranty support.
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Businesses Are Ready for a New Approach to IT
The users of IT systems now consume and create their own functionality. This behavior requires significantly more elasticity on the part of your IT infrastructure and drives an enormous acceleration in the iteration of solutions that lie far beyond traditional demand cycles. Find out how the inefficiencies of today’s computing models are getting in the way of your business success.
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Apple WWDC: 17 Cool Innovations
Apple unveiled useful tweaks and new ideas at its Worldwide Developer Conference. Take a peek at our favorites, from MacBook Pro to iOS 6.

Apple iOS 6: Best New Features
Apple showed off tons of new features in iOS 6 at WWDC, including some hoped-for improvements and several complete surprises.

Apple Mac Pro Update Panned
Apple's first Mac Pro update in two years disappoints users hoping for more at Monday's WWDC. But this may not be the end of the line for the Mac Pro.

10 iPad Cases Fit For Summer
Taking your iPad along on vacation this year? Then you will want a special case to protect against sand, surf, and other tablet enemies.

Apple WWDC: New MacBooks, iOS 6, Mountain Lion
At its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple did not roll out a new iPhone, but unveiled plenty of iOS 6 news plus new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.


Apple WWDC: 17 Cool Innovations
Apple unveiled useful tweaks and new ideas at its Worldwide Developer Conference. Take a peek at our favorites, from MacBook Pro to iOS 6.   View Now

10 Popular Pharmacy Information Systems
iPhone 5 Predictions: The Best And Worst


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Huawei Continues To Take On Cisco In The Enterprise With CloudEngine
Chinese manufacturer, Huawei, announced CloudEngine, a data center switch, at Interop Las Vegas 2012, further demonstrating its intention to go toe-to-toe with Cisco.   Watch

McAfee Adds Scale, VMWare Support To Security Platform
Gigamon Visualizes Virtualization Traffic



Cloud or Premise Based Contact Center -- Which is Right for You?
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