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Zultys Technologies' MX30 3.0

The Upshot

Zultys's Release 3.0 for the MX30 and MX250 IP PBX systems adds IM integration with popular services, basic IVR and the ability to integrate with external data sources. It also includes call-center features and a new interface board for supporting legacy PSTN lines.

PBX features, such as IVR, unified messaging, enhanced security and integration with other services, are reaching small-to-midsize enterprises. The maturing SIP standard and intense competition among major telecoms and pure-play vendors have sparked the increased availability of these high-end features.

Release 3.0 is an incremental upgrade compared with other products in the market--enough to keep Zultys in the running for an IP PBX deployment. Some of the new features are found in other products. Others, such as IM support for AIM, ICQ, Yahoo! and MSN, are mere checkbox items. However, advanced features, such as scripted auto attendant, integration points with external applications, and automated call recording, make Zultys MX systems a compelling product.

Zultys Technologies MX30 3.0

Free for existing users, though some new features require a license

Release 3.0 of the software for Zultys' MX30 and MX250 IP PBXs lets small and midsize businesses benefit from features typically reserved for bigger corporations. Tariffs have dropped so low that long-distance can be had for a song, so the decision to move to voice over IP over conventional telephony isn't based on cost savings. Rather, VoIP system features improve productivity and connectivity. Universal messaging, for example, integrates e-mail, voicemail, fax and instant messaging with a messaging server like Microsoft Exchange. Intelligent call routing keeps employees in touch with customers and co-workers. Specialized telecom applications, such as call-center support, hunt groups, scheduled auto-attendance, and interactive voice scripts, are no longer reserved for companies with deep pockets.

Zultys' Release 3.0 brings an advanced software client/softphone, Web application integration, E911 improvements, an IM gateway and a fractional E1/T1 CAS/PRI line card to an established product line.

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