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You're So Vain, and Precious

2:20 PM -- While we normally try to shield you, gentle reader, from the inner workings of our sausage-making here at Byte and Switch, sometimes it just can't be helped.

Working off an internal editorial request, our supra-caffeinated IT staff sifted through various Webtrends data to find the most commonly search phrases on B&S for 2005. The results were a little unexpected, but worth sharing.

So you're probably thinking, network attached storage, information lifecycle management, server clustering.

And that's where you'd be terribly wrong.

After tossing out the seven of the top 10 phrases -- all variations on byte and/or switch -- the most commonly seached phrase was WAFS, the wide-area file services capability championed by Availl, Brocade, Revivio, and others.

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