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Your call did not go through...019P

You've likely heard the rumors that the Green Bay lab is moving across town. While you'd think most of the hard work would be in tearing down our infrastructure and bodily moving it across town, turns out that setting up data services is a lot more painful...
Our biggest challenge apparently lies in the fact that CMP owns a whole lot of IP address space, and the Green Bay lab happens to have an entire Class C all to ourselves that we'd like to continue to have routed to our location. No problem, right?

Wrong. So very wrong.

My first call was to Time Warner Cable, whose business service Don and I currently use at home. It's not too bad price wise for symmetrical T1 speeds, but they were completely caught off guard and unable to determine whether they could, in fact, route our address space.

While I waited for a response from one of their "router jockeys", I hopped on over to AT&T. They could, in fact, provide SDSL service to the new lab location, and at a price point that was better than Time Warner. No information on the web, of course, about my soon-to-be-lost-in-the-ether address space. After nearly twenty minutes of hunting through their web site I finally found a phone number which could connect me with...sales. Alright, let's chat.

My first call was met with an automated response and error. "Your call did not go through...019P". What's this? A global phone company couldn't connect my call?

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