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Yosemite Technologies' Yosemite Backup Advanced 8.0


• Easy to use
• VTL support out of the box
• Granular level of security
• Support for range of devices


• Windows P2P Networking weaknesses can cause problems with VTLs
• Doesn't support directories

Yosemite Backup Advanced 8.0, starts at $3,499. Yosemite Technologies,
(800) 228-9236,
(408) 236-7556.

Virtually Tape

Backup Advanced 8.0 is the first software backup product I've tested that supports VTL out of the box. VTL lets you set aside a portion of hard-disk drive to emulate tape, so you can back up data using fast disk-to-disk backups and later copy from the VTL to tape. The VTL supports virtual tape arrays up to 1 million GB and grows as you need it.

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