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The Year of Data Protection

Happy New Year!

As another milestone in the progress of storage networking is reached, we at Byte and Switch have taken the opportunity for lots of predictive reflection, as we show in the stories below:

In looking forward and behind, we see many trends unfolding. And as we note in today's list of predictions, one of the biggest is data protection. (See Top Storage Predictions for 2007.)

This catch-all term emerged in mid-2006, and for a while we dismissed it as the logical successor to another awful marketing phrase: information lifecycle management. But it's turning out that data protection is one of those rare buzzwords that, in fact, has substance behind it.

It's not just a synonym for backup, archiving, or compliance, either. While data protection embraces all those, it also extends to security issues like encryption, disaster recovery, and the human factor. (See VA Reports Massive Data Theft and Portable Problems Prompt IT Spending.)

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