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XS40 XML Security Gateway 3.0 Ups the Ante

A particularly useful feature of version 3.0 is its XPath editor. Previously, users had to write XPath queries manually to implement policies involving XML routing. With 3.0, I build a routing table simply by selecting the node in the XPath editor. DataPower generated the correct XPath expressions.

The new task-oriented features of the XS40 are a boon as well. The Web Services Definition Language tool let me import WSDL for the services I wanted to secure, then walked me through the creation of a policy, including authorization of specific operations, decryption and signature verification. The only drawback to the wizard approach is that there's no way to finish in the middle of the process. That can make editing an existing policy tedious.

SOAP Cleanup

I configured the XS40 to secure a set of SOAP operations served by four servers simulated by a Spirent Reflector 2500. A Spirent Avalanche 2500 generated client load.

Using request data sizes of 2 to 10 KB and response sizes of 1 to 14 KB, I configured the XS40 to encrypt the entire response while validating the SOAP envelope on ingress and egress traffic. The XS40 processed 1,103 request/response pairs per second, with a total throughput of 85 Mbps.

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