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XML Firewall Testing

Testing thus far is on schedule and going as usual. There are always guaranteed to be some problems along the way and this review is no exception to that rule. Luckily none of the issues have caused major problems and we've been able to work through them and continue testing.
Testing of DataPower and Sarvega is complete, with Reactivity being tested right now. Well, as soon as I stop writing this update and get on with it.
We've been able to add some additional scenarios to test for performance because of the limited number of participants, which has made things even more interesting. We're doing some single function testing against multiple features - encryption, signature verification, LDAP based authentication, etc... - that ought to provide some interesting comparisons.

That's on top of our wider spectrum of tests that include a full configuration to stop all the malicious traffic we're blasting at these devices.
Now it's back to the lab for more testing.