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XML Firewall Testing

Part of our "Firewall Blowout" plan includes a thorough test of XML Firewalls. We tested XML/Web Services Security Gateways almost two years ago and the space has changed dramatically in that time. Not only did we see a lot of mergers and acquisitions (Actional & Westbridge Merged Digital Evolution acquired Flamenco Networks Oblix acquired Confluent, HP & CA acquire minor players ) but we've watched the convergence of management and security, the deconstruction of pure firewall functionality into separate product lines and the birth of the XML VPN.
So we're going to test again, this time with a focus on functionality and the accuracy of these products to effectively stop XML based attacks from reaching the Web Services they are designed to protect.
We've got our test gear configured and we're ready to blast myriad attacks at the devices in our Green Bay lab. Products are scheduled for testing starting next week, and we're excited to get our hands on them and start poking at them.