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WysDM Adds DPM Release

DALLAS -- WysDM Software, Inc., the leading provider of advanced data protection management (DPM) solutions, today announced WysDM 4, the latest release of its DPM software suite which includes major enhancements to its WysDM for Backups and WysDM for Fileservers™ products. The company also added a new product to its solution suite, WysDM for Disks, which brings WysDM’s market-leading DPM functionality to disk arrays. Throughout the new WysDM 4 platform, the company has added significant advances in compliance and risk mitigation, security, and capacity planning to provide businesses with a full picture of their data protection risk while reducing the time to provision storage and enhancing overall storage utilization.

WysDM 4 includes a comprehensive set of new features to deliver reports that meet the requirements for compliance regulations as well as best practices to ensure that audits against such regulations are successful. WysDM for Backups also provides a number of reports and analyses that give data protection administrators visibility into the effectiveness of their data protection environment, including alerts whenever a system has not been successfully backed up and end-of-month reports that expose key compliance metrics to managers and auditors.

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