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Work Poll: Offshoring Gathers Steam

Light Readers say offshoring isn't going away anytime soon, and China and India are viewed as threats in the technology markets.

According to the results of the latest Light Reading Work Poll, 46 percent of the the 35 respondents say that offshoring efforts are accelerating at their companies. 49 percent say that offshoring efforts are staying the same and only 6 percent say offshoring efforts are slowing down.

Meanwhile, most respondents view China and India, where many of these offshored jobs are being sent, as serious, long-term competitive threats.

69 respondents describe China as a "rising power" in the technology market and 62 percent describe India as such. Only 6 percent of repondents say China "isn't really a big influence" and zero respondents describe India as such.

So that leaves the question: Can, and should, governments do something to change the ebb and flow of jobs between nations? 43 percent of respondents say the role of government is to enforce trade violations, while 34 percent say the government should take steps to encourage free trade by loosening restrictions. 60 percent of respondents say the government should create new incentives to keep domestic jobs.

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