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Winternals Software's Insight for Active Directory Detects Anomalies

Easy Installation

I tested the product on a modestly equipped network, using several servers and workstations running across a 100Base-T switched segment. I easily installed Insight on a host machine running Windows XP Pro and connected to a Windows 2000 Server configured as an AD domain controller. After being prompted for login info, I had Insight running.

Unfortunately, the licensing scheme was kludgy, requiring me to choose between cutting and pasting the licensing key into a pop-up window and browsing my drive for a separate licensing key file. There was no option for icon desktop or toolbar placement. The product simply installed itself into an unassuming program group.

Examination of the post-installation system changes showed that the main executable took up a scant 1 MB. No hanky-panky occurred in the system registry or the all-important .INI files.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Clean, nonintrusive installation
  • Simple configuration
  • Powerful reporting
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